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I always welcome Tuesday with a smile.  It’s not as harsh of a day as Monday.  The glim of the weekend is in sight and the cold Monday is gone for another 6 days.

Why is it that we long for the weekends?  The way I think about it is we’re just waiting for almost 3/4 of our lives to just go away.  I don’t want to think about it that way any more. 

Instead of that it’s time to embrace every day.  Even Mondays.

It was easy to embrace yesterday.  I shadowed another fitness class with a new instructor after work – cardio camp.  She got the burn going!  Although I don’t feel sore this morning, I’m sure I’ll feel it in a few muscles tomorrow.

Instead of plopping myself in front of the TV when I was tired and home, I made a list of things to do and did those.  Then I enjoyed a good 45 minutes of TV.  I can enjoy it much more that way.


Instead of simply reheating left overs for dinner, I created something new.  It was even better than the original and crazy simple too.


In The Mix

  • quinoa cooked in chicken broth – tossed with mustard and balsamic vinegar
  • roasted red cabbage
  • left over black eyed pea mash – drizzled with honey/mustard sauce
  • roasted yam rounds

I even made enough for Tuesday and Wednesday’s lunch – major time saver!

The after dinner treat was even better than dinner.  Strawberry shortbread – healthy and delicious.


Instead of sharing it with you right now, I’ll have a special Easter recipe for you tomorrow!  I hope you can wait.

Now instead of drinking tea I’m already on my second large cup of coffee.  Just livin life. Winking smile

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