Hunter and I have had soooooo much fun playing lately. He’s been awake and alert so much more, while still being happy. More awake time = less nap time = less me time. It’s all good though because it’s just so fun!


So what can you do with your little baby (other than snuggle and kiss and cuddle)?

Sing songs!

We’ve been all about music lately. I sing along with them and move his hands, feet and body with the music. Sometimes I’ll add in different fabrics that I’ll wave around with the song too.


Some of our favorites: head, shoulders, knees and toes, the wheels on the bus (you sign in this song too!), if you’re happy and the animal noise song. YouTube is awesome for finding kid songs.

Tummy time with mirrors


Tummy time isn’t Hunter’s favorite thing, but we do it anyways. He’ll typically last about 1-5 minutes before he is done. One way to keep him interested is having mirrors in front of him and getting down on the ground with him.

Play airplane

I’ll ‘fly’ him around looking at different things around the house. He likes going quickly up in the air, but really doesn’t like the dropping feeling.



Hunter likes to copy what I’m doing – like sticking out his tongue!

Reading books


I wondered when he’d start enjoying this and actually looking at the books, and it was around 11 weeks. I’ll put him on my lap and read 2-3 books a couple times a day and he actually looks at the book.  I’ll point things out as we read along.


I want to pick up a black and white book too. He was totally entrances by the one at our friend’s house (well not so much in this picture, but he was :)).

Play time with other babies


Hunter and Mabel notice each other now! They have play dates every week or two, which means Megan and I get some hang out time. It’s cool that they’re only 8 days apart because they develop and change around the same time.

I can’t say I came up with all this stuff on my own. We went to a teaser class for baby sensory and got so many ideas!  Mainly the singing and different fabrics for them to feel and see.

All the extra activity definitely does tucker him out.  Just a little bit ago as I was adding pictures to this post, bouncing him on my knee he just fell asleep.  Never has he done that before!  That was even after 8+ hours of continuous sleep last night.  What a champ.

Hunter’s little girlfriend Mabel will be over again later this morning for some more play time. We have so many more toys to show her!  Hopefully they both get tuckered out from lots of playing and fun.

What kind of activities do you do with your little baby? Hunter’s almost 3 months now so still a little guy.  The fun is just going to continue on and on!



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  1. Black and white books are great and so are touch and feel books. You could try tummy time on a ball (like an exercise ball) and roll him back and forth on it. Puppets are also great!

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