I’ve been kind of mean haven’t I? Making you wait so long to find out if the old wives tales prediction was right.  Well, most of you anyway.  If you follow me on facebook or twitter you knew right away.

Well wait no longer!

Friday we had our 20 week ultrasound and found out a couple things.

1) It’s a boy!!!

The goods don’t lie. But we almost didn’t know this little guy was a guy though.

2) Our baby is stubborn (takes after his mother?) – this little guy likes to stay very low and not do what’s asked of him. The ultrasound tech not only had to angle the bed head down to try and get a head measurement (he was DOWN in there), she had me try laying on both sides and get up and move around to try and get him to move.  It didn’t work, we just had to wait until it was on his own terms.

3) My intuition was right. During the ultrasound when she was checking for gender, at first she said she didn’t really see anything down there, implying girl with what she was saying. Jacob and I didn’t really say much. I guess I didn’t believe her yet, and luckily when she went back around later she was confident that it in fact is a boy.

4) I now know why I always have to pee. This guy is not only low, he’s probably thinking, okay I’m down and ready to come out. I don’t think he could get any lower, which explains why I pee all the time and anytime I run or bounce why my bladder goes crazy.

5) It turns out we really did want a boy and we’re so happy to have our own little guy here in less than 5 months.

Now the fun baby room prep + picking out things for him begins!

It was a great day. 🙂



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