part 1

part 2

part 3


meet Hunter Clarence

Hunter’s first days

the four day

Hunter: 1 week

Hunter: 2 weeks

our sleep situation

pumping and milk supply

day in the life with a 1 month old

babywise site info

who does Hunter look like?

sleep at 6 weeks

day in the life with a 2 month old

running with a jogging stroller

sleep at 12 weeks

interactive activities to do with your baby

the best job

day in the life with a 3 month old

Hunter’s first swim

plan for introducing solids

baby pumpkin party

baby led weaning, part 1

getting Hunter down for the night

baby led weaning, part 2

munchkin meal at 8 months

sleep training: bedtime edition

sleep training: nighttime edition

just a mom

Q & A: dropping down to nursing twice a day

dear Hunter

Hunter’s 1 year birthday party

baby’s first smash cake

munchkin meals at 15 months

15 months: the 2 to 1 nap transition

munchkin meals at 16 months

toddler activities: leaf week


Hunter: 1 month

Hunter: 2 months

Hunter: 3 months

Hunter: 4 months

Hunter: 5 months

Hunter: 6 months

Hunter: 7 months

Hunter: 8 months

Hunter: 9 months

Hunter: 10 months

Hunter: 11 months

Hunter: 12 months

Hunter: 13 months

Hunter: 14 months

Hunter: 15 months

Hunter: 16 months

Hunter: 17 months

Hunter: 18 months

Hunter: 19 months

Hunter: 20 months

Hunter: 21 months

Hunter: 22 months


cloth diapering 101: the options

our cloth diaper plan

adventures in cloth diapering

troubleshooting leaky cloth diapers

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