Well hello….  I’ve been kind of MIA lately with the busyness of getting ready for Hunter’s first birthday party and just things around the house.  His party came and went in a flash yesterday and I took absolutely zero pictures during the party!  Thankfully my friend Megan was on picture duty, and my father in law took a ton too.  Once I get the pictures I will share everything about his party! It went super well, Hunter had a blast playing with all the kids, eating his birthday cake and playing with his presents.  I loved having so many friends and family together to celebrate.  He didn’t really understand the whole open the present thing, but he is sure enjoying all of them this morning!


Today for Make it Monday I wanted to share the really simple baby’s first year wall art I put up for his party.  The theme was newspaper, which meant I put newspaper in all the decor. I like the color grey…. 🙂


Now to make this you actually have to plan ahead… like an entire year ahead by taking monthly pictures.  You can print the pictures with or without the month number added on to them.  I added them in photoshop before getting the pictures printed.

What you need:

  • 12 monthly pictures of your baby (1-12 months) – printed as 4 x 6 pictures
  • white linen card stock paper, 6 sheets
  • newspaper
  • double sided tape
  • regular tape
  • scissors
  • string
  • tacks

Now let’s make baby’s first year wall art!


1. Begin by taking your scissors and cutting out a piece of white linen card stock.  Cut it at least 5 x 7 inches in size so that there is about half an inch extra on each side of the picture.  You can add squiggle lines on the side like I did below if you want.


2.  Next tape your white card stock piece to some newspaper, then cut out around the card stock leaving about half an inch excess around it.



3.  Tape your picture to the center of the white card stock.  I love this type of rolling double sided sticky tape for the entire project.


Your first one is done!


4.  Repeat with the remaining 11 months.


5.  Take your string and tie a loop at one end.  That will be your top.  Line up months 1-6 and lay them upside down on a flat surface with about 1 inch of space between them.  Tape the string (with regular tape) along the back of them.  Cut the string above the bottom of the last one so that it’s hidden on the back side.  Repeat with months 7-12.

6. Attach to your wall with a tack!



Out of all the birthday decor, this was definitely the most simple one to make.  Plus I think it turned out super cute and now I have all of his monthly pictures all printed.  Win – Win!

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How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun? 

I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day!


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  1. Glad the party was a hit! I took very few pictures during Kay’s party too. It was overwhelming! The picture wall is so cute. Great idea!!

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