I wouldn’t call myself a gardener.  Not the slightest.  But I desperately want to be one.  When I look at beautifully groomed and blossoming gardens, I want to dig them up (boxes and all!) and transplant them to my house.  And then for the actual owner of those gardens to come take care of them for me.  Why not?  They’re so good at it.

We’re working on creating a space in our front yard for 2-3 garden boxes.  And I’m hoping at least one of them gets built as a mother’s day gift for me. So much wishful thinking here today. 😉

In anticipation for the aforementioned garden boxes, I started some seeds.  A little more about the actual seeds at the end.

I didn’t think of using egg shells as the seed starts on my own.  My sister in law Chelbe actually told me about the idea.  So thanks for the inspiration Chelbe!


What you need

  • egg shelf halves (rinsed and dried), as many as you want
  • empty egg cartons
  • potting soil
  • seeds
  • scissors
  • sharpie
  • needle

The how to

Step 1) Gather your supplies.


Step 2) Write on the carton what you will be planting.


Step 3) Using the needle poke a tiny hole in the bottom of each egg shell, then fill the egg carton with egg shells and put potting soil (about half way full) in the egg shells.


Step 4) Drop your seeds on top of the potting soil.


Step 5) Cover the seeds with more soil.


Step 6) Repeat with as many egg shells and cartons your have to fill.  Water daily!

I planted seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, leeks, broccoli, kale, eggplant, brussel sprouts, basil, chives, oregano, parsley and cilantro.  The thing is, all of these seeds were left over from 2011… so they’re 2 years old.  I’ve always wondered if saving unused seeds from a previous year will actually work.  So this is my experiment!  If they don’t grow at all I’m only out the little bit of potting soil.  And if they do grow, I’m excited to know I can save unused seeds!


Lately I’ve been doing a ton more crafts, DIY projects and indoor + outdoor projects in our 100 year old home.  Today is the first day of my weekly Make it Monday series!  Starting next week I’ll be adding in a linking tool for anyone that wants to participate and link up their Make it Monday posts.  I figure the weekend is a good time to work on projects and while they are still fresh in our mind we can share them on Monday.  If you want to participate and don’t have a blog, email me about (heather.englund@comcast.net) it and I can get your project included as well.

It can be any type of project that you make… a tutorial, just a picture of something cool you make.. the sky is the limit!  Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Did you do any crafts or projects this weekend?  Is Make it Monday something you would want to participate in? 


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    1. Yes, it’s something you make! Plus I would love to see that and have it included. Plan for next Monday and if you want to use the Make it Monday picture in your post I would love that. Do you want the HTML for it?

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