Hello!  How was your weekend?  Ours was relaxing, fun and HOT!  The temps have been up in the 90s making it a bit uncomfortable, but at least no rain.  We got out of the heat and took Hunter swimming yesterday.  So much fun.  It was Jacob’s first time swimming with our little man.  We all had such a blast.

Another way we’ve been beating the heat is with the water table I made Hunter.  It is so simple, I feel like a post about it isn’t really necessary, but I’m doing it anyways. 🙂 Maybe it will just inspire you to make your little one a fun place to splash around at.  It’s such a cheap project too.

Here’s how you can make your own water table on the cheap.

1) Buy a shallow plastic tupperware container.  I prefer clear so that you can see into it.  The size I chose was 28 quart capacity.  Mine was on sale at target for $5.

2) Grab a cardboard box (thank you Costco) and place it on the ground.  The Tupperware goes on top.  I have plans to replace the cardboard with a short little table that we already have… I just need to find it.


3) Take a hose, fill it with nice cold water. Add some toys.  I picked up some ‘sifting toys’ in the $1 bin at target + we brought back 3 rocks from the park for it.  The rocks are his favorite.

Now it’s play time!


Rocks go in, rocks go out.  Repeat.


The whole project cost me only $6, which is my kind of price.  If you made anything over the weekend, please share it and link up your post below!

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Another fun way we’ve been staying cool is playing with the hose.  Hunter loves ‘helping’ Jacob water the grass.  He even just likes being showered with the water above him.  Brrrrr!

We’ve been having a blast the past few evenings after dinner.  Here’s to hoping the sunshine stays around a bit longer!

Is it hot where you are?  How are you staying cool?

Also, froyo helps us.  By us I mean Jacob and I… none for Hunter. 🙂


Happy day!


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