Meal planning.  I’ve written about it before… a long time ago when I was much better at actually making a plan.  I’m taking meal planning into my hands once again! 

Since I work much better with a plan, I decided that’s what I need to start with.  Write out what we’ll be eating.  No more winging it at dinner time anymore.  This girl’s getting more strict with herself. 

4 week meal planner

Print your own 4 week menu planner!

I’ve figured out the meals for the next 7 days already.  Even though this planner can be filled up for 4 weeks, so far I’ve only filled 7 days.  I’ll continue to use this same one throughout the month to make sure I have variety, then I’ll keep it for times when I’m lacking creativity.  It’s a wonderful tool to have to look back on for ideas.

It’s probably a good thing that I’m planning better now so that I know I’ll have filling and nutritious vegan me for me and my husband, but then I can more easily incorporate meat into the meal for him. 

Meals I’ll be shopping for thus far…

Friday – Vegetarian pot pie with roasted chicken
Saturday – Sweet potato, lentil and brussel sprout burgers (for me) and stuffed burgers (for Jacob) + spinach salad
Sunday – Vegetarian crockpot chili + homemade fries
Monday – Chili mac + broccoli
Tuesday – Monster salads with millet bake
Wednesday – Pesto enchiladas
Thursday – Loaded potato hash

In addition to planning out dinners I’ve written out breakfasts and lunches for me and Jacob (lunch for me = left overs, lunch for Jacob = sandwiches – both are pretty simple).  I’ll also make sure we have enough fruit and veggies to snack on for the week so that I only have to grocery shop once. 

Nicole suggested that I try to only shop once or twice a week.  I know that will definitely help keep costs down.  Every little trip adds up!


I’ve got my meal planning started, now how else will I save?  By coupon clipping!  I love being able to find coupons online and print them at home.  It’s challenging to really save any extra money when you buy in bulk bins (which I do a lot), but with packaged or frozen items I like to save whenever I can.

Here’s are some coupon sites I like to check out before heading to the grocery store:

In addition if there is a certain product I will be buying I just type a search into Google and look for one.  Here’s a search I did today for So Delicious Coconut Milk.

Google search words: so delicious coconut milk coupon

The first 3 sites were just for the product’s website.  The 4th site took me to a $1.00 off coupon (you can find it on the 7th page)!  That’s money in my pocket.  Plus I know it is on sale at my Fred Meyers right now so by using the coupon + having the sale I save more money.  Isn’t saving money exciting!

If you can’t find a coupon online have no fear. Try emailing the company and asking for some coupons.  A lot of the time they are willing to send you a few because they want you to try their product and become a returning customer.

What are your money saving tips?  Do you write out your meals for the week or month?

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  1. I always plan my meals! I’ll switch around the days if I’m not feeling in the mood for something, but I try to stick to the plan. It helps focus my shopping trips, keeps me from spending money eating out, and takes all the guess-work out of dinner time!

  2. Thanks for the link. I get my coupons usually from the Sunday paper. They have tons of them. On average, I save 75$ aa month in coupons. Not bad at all. Planning meals always help. I try to go shopping once a week.

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