Today I’m sharing a look into a day of what Hunter eats now at 15 months.  The last time I shared his munchkin meals was when he was 8 months old.  Things have changed a bit now!  Thanks for hosting munchkin meals Brittany!


Breakfast (around 8am) almost always starts with custard oat or eggs.  Yesterday we went with eggs.  I scrambled chopped mushroom with 4 eggs and topped with shredded cheddar.  We split that in half, so Hunter had 2 eggs + a piece of whole wheat toast with a little butter and my low sugar blackberry jam.


After he ate that he still wanted some food so we split a bowl of applesauce from the canning weekend.  His way of asking for more is repeatedly chapping and saying ‘more more more’.  Pictured below. 🙂

He took a bit of a longer morning nap and woke around 12:45pm so lunch happened close to 1pm.  Leftover whole wheat pasta with mushrooms, onions, light tomato sauce and mozarella cheese, cottage cheese, a little bit of pork roast and halved grapes.

“Mom give me the fooooooood!”


He was a very happy boy. Messy with that spoon, but he had a good time.


This was all that was left after lunch.


About an hour later he kept asking for a banana (he could see them easily), so I plopped him in his chair and he ate 1.5 of them.  Guess he was still hungry!


Dinner happened around 5:30pm shortly after he woke from his afternoon nap.  Guess it was a double pasta day.  Whole wheat spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce, cheddar cheese cubes and the remaining half banana.


He ate all but a few tablespoons of the spaghetti, then after dinner had a few bites from my last piece of chocolate dutch baby.


The biggest thing we’re dealing with at this stage is Hunter throwing food.  He’s a great eater, but likes be defiant at times.  Yesterday was a really good day and he barely threw anything.  I’ve been lacking in offering vegetables since they were tough for me to eat during the early part of my pregnancy, but now that I’m doing better with them we need more veggies in our life.

Such a happy guy. 🙂


What’s your little one been eating lately?  How did you deal with food throwing?


22 thoughts on “munchkin meals at 15 months”

    1. Noooo is definitely the reaction he gets… Not sure if that’s good or not. We’ve been taking the food away too so that he learns he’s finished if he throws food.

  1. Did I miss the chocolate cake recipe somewhere???

    Food throwing – funny and frustrating at the same time. The best thing, I think, is just to not react to it. For us it was just a phase and he grew out of it.

    Our 2-year old is so picky! I wish he ate the way Hunter does.

    1. The chocolate cake will be shared soon! It’s going along with a book review and giveaway in a couple weeks 🙂 I’m hoping he stays such a good eater, but I’m sure it can change over night. I’m hoping the throwing thing passes soon.

  2. My 14 month old is also starting to throw food occasionally, sometimes I say no and take away the plate, at others I let her be. When I take it away, I fear she’s still hungry (she cries) and I return it in a while and that’s not good I know. So I guess I’ll just wait and hope it’ll pass 🙂

  3. I have to agree with Ashley – great legwarmers! 😉
    And I remember the food-throwing stage very clearly. We tried to ignore it/make no big deal out of it, so that he wouldn’t get a reaction from us, which we were hoping would make it boring. But it’s frustrating for us moms who are making food and it all ends up on the floor, isn’t it?. I think for us it lasted from maybe 13/14 months to about 20/21 months. I found that as his language skills got better, he stopped a lot of his frustration-based throwing and it’s no longer as much fun to see something fall down for him either. He hasn’t thrown food from a plate in a while, instead he’s throwing his wooden Thomas up in the air (and yesterday it landed on his forehead…). Boys…

    1. Thanks for your comment Susan! Oh those boys. 🙂 I didn’t think about language being an issue and that it’s his way of trying to communicate frustration… I just thought he was testing us a bit. Maybe it’s a bit of both. I’ll be glad when the stage passes! Some days are great, others not so much.

      1. Hmm, now as think of it I’m not sure if he kept throwing food only out of frustration (to get our attention/different food), but definitely also out of curiosity and to test us. But it did help when was able to tell us better that he was done, so I linked it to his improving language skills. Hope it passes soon for you!

  4. Love the legwarmers! My son was a food thrower for a while. It was hard but I would take the tray of food away for 1 minute and give it back, then if he did it again in the same sitting I would take it away for good. It worked for us and he doesn’t do it at all anymore.

    1. Emmett has started to throw food and we’ve been trying to do the same thing, Casey. We’ve been taking the tray away when he starts and then giving it back, but I didn’t think to take it away for good if he throws again. What do you do if your son is still hungry, even after throwing food twice? That’s what I worry about, him not getting enough to eat.

  5. Wow, what a good and hearty eater! G doesn’t eat half this. I worry about his weight, but I really strongly want him to eat intuitively, so I try to just offer the food and let him sort it out.

    We went through a food throwing stage that was pretty bad. I don’t know if it was just time passing or what we did, but we ended up putting his food on a plate and putting the plate on the table. From there, he reached for his own food and it either ended up in his mouth or on his tray. The food he didn’t want, we encouraged him to put it back on the plate. Something about putting distance between him and the food and giving him a place to put the food helped. For now, anyway.

    Right now he is super into bananas and berries, as well as most pasta and ground beef. I can’t get him to touch toast or broccoli, which were two foods that he used to love! Oddly he also loves peas and green beans. Occasionally he goes on an avocado kick, and it makes me so happy.

  6. He looks so cute in the last picture with his leggings! Well, in all the photos but the leggings are too much which his little chub! I so remember the beginning stages with the spoon! It was so messy but so fun to watch my little guy learn how to use it.

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