On the last day of December I shared 25 of your favorite recipes, or at least the most viewed recipes.  Those favorites could be based on the ingredients, the pictures, personal preference or really anything. 

Many were my favorites too, but not all.  The list in my recipe index is growing quicker than I ever thought possible.  It’s fun to look through the list and pick out some of my favorites.  Some that have been forgotten and need to be made once again.  I’m surprised that no sweets made it onto this list.  Here are just a few…

CIMG3214Some notable spreads

Artichoke and White Bean Dip

Southern Black Bean and Salmon Spread

Spinach and Artichoke Spread




 Warming and tasty dinners

Chinese Beef and Bok Choy Noodle Soup 

Crockpot Indian Curried Beef and Spinach

Ruby Red Mixed Veggie Hash with Crockpot Italian Chicken

But life isn’t all about food, so here are more of my favorites.


 Kitchen tips

Ways I am saving my food budget 

Baking just a bit healthier

De-seeding a pomegranate – how to do it without a huge mess

Basic meal planning

Saving money with large quantities



Fun workouts

10 Minute upper body interval workout

20 Minutes to quivering legs interval workout

20 Minute total body interval workout

Promise of sweat, full body workout

Quick 10 minute cardio burner interval workout


1.1health and fitness favorites

Does exercise alone make you active?

DOMS – Your sore muscles

Getting started with exercise

My diet – What it means to me to eat healthy

What type of runner are you?

Why I love my home gym – top 10 reasons


Food Blogs that inspire delicious eats

An Edible Mosaic

Family Fresh Cooking

(never home) maker

Oh She Glows

Prevention RD

This list could go on forever, there are just so many great ones out there!

Coming up…

Tomorrow I have a new workout to share.  It’s been too long!

Tell me – what are some your favorites from your own blog or one that you read.  I love reading the best!

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0 thoughts on “My favorites”

  1. Of course Heather.. I love reading your blog. Very inspring for working out and great hrealthty delicious recipies. Thanks for including mine! I really touched.

  2. Great post 🙂 I need to try your Spinach and Artichoke Spread. Edible Mosaic is one of my favorite blogs. I also love Aggie’s Kitchen, Two Peas and their pod….

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