my hubby's workout plan: week 1 + flips review

You guys, I have to tell you something.  I’m so proud of my hubby.  He got back into working out and went to the gym every day right after work last week.  And so far, he went yesterday after work as well.  There were days he just wanted to come and chill on the couch, but he did it!  Go honey :)

He asked me to create his workouts for him.  Of course I said yes.  He’s looking to gain strength and size and wanted a focus on lifting.  But lifting 5 days a week… ehh.  I wanted to throw in some variety for him, so one day a week he’s  doing a strength/cardio workout.  I had planned to have another day be a short interval day, but he nixed the idea so we changed up the breakdown for his lifting.


And if you’re interested in seeing/doing the workout, you can get the word doc for it HERE!

Speaking of my hubby and workouts, I have to tell you all about these flips headphone/speakers we got to try out.  I say we, because Jacob was/has been obsessed with them.


I’ve been using them as headphones to listen to my music for classes and also as speakers to project the sound from my phone to practice for mostly my BodyCombat class.


Jacob uses them almost every day on his laptop watching or listening to… whatever he watches or listens to.


The sound as speakers is awesome.  We’ve used to watch movies on Jacob’s laptop as speakers.

As headphones it’s pretty good, but I wouldn’t say the best.  It’s almost like there’s some static or, I don’t know, it’s just not 100% clear music.  Really good, but not super crisp.  Maybe that’s the word I’m thinking of?  Even without 100% clear crispness, they are pretty rockin.

They come with a nice case to keep them safe.  To change from headphones to speakers all you have to do is flip the ear cups facing outward.  The ear cups are really comfortable, especially since I hate the feeling of ear buds in my ears.


If you’re on the lookout for some new headphones/speakers, I’d definitely recommend them.  They’ve gotten lots of continued use in our house, which means they must do their job well!  As a bonus for my readers, you can get $10 Off on Flips Headphones plus a rush shipping upgrade for free by entering the code: FA0010INT at checkout.


Thank you all for your good luck wishes on my first BodyCombat class.  It went so well last night!  Combat is such a sweaty good time.

Does your hubby/man friend workout?  What are his workouts like, or do you workout together?

Teaching BodyPump, fitness yoga and BodyCombat yesterday left me a weeee bit tired today.  It’ll be an easy day today with just 1 class and my recovery day tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday all!


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