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Hey friends!

It’s the weekend and I could not be more excited.  It was a long week, but we made it!

How was your week in fitness?  Here’s how mine went.

Sunday: 3 mile race for the cure with my mama
Monday: rest day
Tuesday: easy 2.3 mile run with Joe
Wednesday: morning pump it
Thursday: 25 minutes walk/rest day
Friday: morning pump it
Saturday: new 100 workout + walk ~ about to happen
Sunday: hoping to get a long run in ~ 5-6 miles

My friend Lindsay recently created her own version of the 100 workout, so I just had to share my 100 workout with her too.

Well today I’ve got a brand-spanking-new 100 workout v. 2 to share!


Here’s what I love about this 100 workout~

  • quick workout
  • fun variety with the changing reps
  • cool concept for a workout
  • gets me to sweat right away
  • no equipment is necessary
  • did I mention fun?

Have you ever tried the 100 workout?  Do it!


Workout breakdown~

High knees – knees meet hands in front of you ~ each time both legs go up it’s 1 rep

Skater lunges – check out this video to see how slow skaters are done

Jumping jacks – everyone knows a jumping jack ~ go as fast + powerful as you can

Plié squat – wider legs with knees pointing to corners ~ make sure your knees track in the same direction as your toes during the squats

Thread the needle – start in a side plank on hand and feet with 1 arm going straight up into the air ~ thread that hand though the space between the ground and your body (pictured above)

Tackle hops – check out the sweat worthy weekend workout for a breakdown

Spiderman pushups – regular pushup, but with each rep bring a knee to your elbow, alternating sides

Straight leg lifts – begin seated leaning slightly back, hands on the ground ~ bring your straight legs up in front of you, then back down

Single leg squat – check out the sweat worthy weekend workout for a breakdown

Diamond push ups – check out the sweat worthy weekend workout for a breakdown

Notes: Make sure to include 5 minutes of dynamic warming up – don’t just jump into the workout.  Cool down + stretch after.

Okay, I’m off to do this quick workout – I’ll make sure to report back how long it took me.  Any guesses?  I’m thinking less than 25 minutes.  We shall see!

UPDATE: Took me 16 minutes and 5 seconds… ummm my obliques are going to be sore, I’m sure of it!

Have you ever done a 100 workout before?  What was your week in fitness like?


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