Hello week, where are you going?!  Can you believe it’s Wednesday already?  Not me, but I’m cool with it.

Last night Jacob and I got to see Cody and Christy + their sweet twin boys.


At 5 1/2 weeks they’ve really grown since I saw them last!


As you can see, I’m loving my new iphone + apps.  Color splash is my newest obsession.  So.Much.Fun. Smile

I’m off to an early morning workout… will see what I’ll be teaching in about 20 minutes!  Be sure to check out the Bondi Band giveaway going on if you haven’t yet.  Both runners and beer lovers will want to win!  Okay, who am I kidding, everyone will want to win!

My aunt Arlene has another Northwest hike to share with us.  Make sure to check out the hikes page to see everywhere she has gone. 

Hike: Cedar Lake (WA)
By Arlene

As I have mentioned (whined) in my previous tales of hiking this year, we have been waiting a long time for the annual thawing in the mountains. We have had nice trails, great old trees, plenty of shade, and a fair amount of solitude, but we have been itching for some elevation and views, and to trade sweat for raindrops on our foreheads.

It is now officially summer, and today we were able to get views, an unfrozen lake, and even a wee bit of sweat climbing up to a little lake high on Chuckanut Mountain. The trail starts climbing right out of the parking lot (my GPS recorded 400’ elevation gain in the first 0.3 miles) and took us straight up to a peaceful lake where a well maintained trail and boardwalk allowed us to circumnavigate the lake and get close views of the water and the blooming water lilies.

Reflections on Cedar Lake

A nice little viewpoint .4 miles from the lake got us a nearly perfect view of Mt Baker; some modest cloud had to cover the top and spoil a bit of the view.

A nearly perfect view of Mt Baker

The plants around the lake were impressive, both in the variety and in the size. As my sister passed Devil’s Club that was as tall as she and Skunk Cabbage that looked like it been grown on steroids, all I could think was that this was like hiking in Jurassic Park, and that all the rain we have had was good for something – at least it makes for large Skunk Cabbage.

Jurassic Park Boardwalk

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0 thoughts on “No Snow”

  1. Whohoo for hiking! I’m glad the snow in those mountains finally realized that it’s August and it needed to disappear. 😉 Sweeeeet baby boys, too. I’m in love.

  2. I didn’t know you got and iphone. We are thinking about updating mine. Yours takes cool pictures. It is nice to see pictures of the twins.

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