Our home turns 100 this year!  Yay!  Yup, it was build in 1913.  Five years ago we bought it and I thought it would be sooooooo long until it turned 100… guess time flies when you’re having fun.

We love our old house.  The main floor has a lot of old craftsman features to it.  At one point there was an addition put on, where the kitchen and dining room are.  That first year in our house we remodel the kitchen, which we absolutely love.  The dining room has been pretty blah looking for the most part, but we have been working on changing that.  A nice new touch?  A new (well, old) back door!


It looks like it fits in, right?  Here’s what we had before.


A couple weekends ago we found a sturdy old solid wood door at the rebuilding center in Portland to replace the current one.  I should probably stop using we’s now… since I didn’t replace it.  My awesome handy husband somehow fitted the warped mis-sized door into the existing door frame.  It was the right size at the top, then got wider towards the bottom.  Waaaaaaaay more work than he thought it would be.  Once the door was in, we painted it white.  We’re back to we now.

IMG_6109 IMG_6134 IMG_6144 IMG_6145 IMG_6146

In addition to the paint, Jacob replaced the door knob with a black one.  Not only that, he also added the molding above the door, just like he did in the dining room window shown below.  And what’s so very cool about this door is that the actual window in the door matches the hanging window in the dining room perfectly!


And finally, a side to side, before and after.


That’s all for today.  Just wanted to share a change in our old house.  And to brag about my handy hubs.   And lastly, there may be a fun Make it Monday tutorial coming on Monday for how to add molding above your windows or doors… maybe. 😉

What do you think?  How old is your house?  Do you like older or newer houses?  Or if you’re somewhere other than a house, what would be your preference?

I sure love the new door, and all the extra light it lets in!


0 thoughts on “out with the new, in with the old”

  1. Absolutely LOVE the new door! I really like houses with craftsman touches, and that door seems to fit right in.
    I tend to like the older houses, largely due to the fact that I grew up in a house that was built in the ’20s (a lovely English tudor with half timbering–I miss it!). Right now we’re renting a newer home, but I’m looking forward to house-hunting this summer so we can find a forever home that is more my style.

  2. Omg you guys! The new door looks so good! We just bought a 9 year old home but our dream is to live in an old restored farm house! You are SO lucky to have a handy husband..my poor guy did not get blessed with the handy-man genes 🙂

    1. My hubby has definitely gotten more and more handy with the number of projects we’ve done. But yes I agree, I’m lucky! An old restored farm house sounds awesome 🙂

  3. Old houses have amazing charm! Obsessed with your new door- so awesome. Always good to have a handy man. Happy almost Mama’s day!

  4. My family(hubby and 3kiddos) are about to tackle(SLOWLY) updating- remodeling our home. 90something years old.
    His grandfather built- had additions – some remodeling in the 70’s – needs major work.
    Excited but scared. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Trying to save where we can but lots needs to be done by someone other than us! Doing what we can. Home is a little over 4000 living area.

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