Week 2 of P90X is out of the way and complete.  If you missed week 1 recap click here to check it out.

The second week’s format was the same as the first.  Here is what I did:

Monday: chest & back (52 minutes) and ab ripper x (15 minutes)
Tuesday: plyometrics (58 minutes)
Wednesday: shoulders & arms (60 minutes) and ab ripper x (15 minutes)
Thursday: yoga x (90 minutes)
Friday: legs & back (58 minutes) and ab ripper x (15 minutes)
Saturday: kenpo x (58 minutes)
Sunday: rest day

Once again I still ran on Wednesday (3 miles) and Sunday (6 miles) and completed my 3 days of push ups on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I am looking forward to only focusing my energy on P90X once my half marathon is over in 3 weeks.  I know rest is important and it will be good to get an actual only rest day on a Sunday soon. 

I had a few comments about rest and recovery from my week 1 recap and if I’m going to burn out with my extra exercise I have going on.  My answer?  I hope not.  This schedule is only going to go on for 1 more week then I have an offical P90X recovery week which will still include about 60-90 minutes of exercise each day but the intensity will drop down a ton.  Until then I will rest as much as I can.  I cut my running down from 3 to 2 days and the 100 push up challenge will be done after this week.

Enough about that, here’s what I thought this week:

The most challenging workout:  plyometrics for sure this week (I think the 10 mile run 2 days before left me a bit out of gas)

The most fun workout: kenpo (a huge surprise because kenpo was never my favorite but my mom and her friend Paula did it with me too!)

The toughest exercise for me at this time: wide front pull ups (still)

My favorite exercises during this week: reverse grip chin ups (I got up to 7!) and childs pose (relaxing :))


If you aren’t familiar with plyometrics (plyo for short) here’s a bit of info to help explain the workout.  Plyometrics is a type of exercise that focuses on quick intense bursts of power and explosiveness.  To achieve this (which is used a lot in sports) you train your muscles to contract and explode with power on demand and in quick sequences.  It is intense work and not a beginners type of exercise.

In the P90X plyo DVD you warm up and stretch for the first 10 minutes.  You really need to get your legs ready for the intense workout and it gets you there.  Once you are into the workout each exercise lasts for 30 seconds, except for the last one in the set with is usually 60 seconds long.  You go through 6 different sets 2 times each.  At the end there is a bonus round with 3 – 60 second sports specific exercise.  

Here’s an example of how the first set goes:  jump squats (30 seconds), switch jump pick ups (30 seconds), heismans (30 seconds), swing kicks (60 seconds), repeat all 4 then you get a 30 second break before you move onto the next set.

This workout really gets your heart pumping.  It is a super intense workout that gets me resting my hands on my knees.  I know that having Jacob there pushing through the toughness really helps me stick with it.  I don’t want him to show me up!

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  1. Hi there! I am doing P90X too and I LOVE IT! Tony is a bit crazy for me haha, but I lvoe the results I am seeing. When you get to Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps let me know cause that one is my FAVORITE! There are like 8 variations of pushups. LOVE IT! Good luck on your journey 🙂

  2. Glad you're still loving the workout!! That is great that you'll be able to fit in some more rest days once your big run is over (good luck!!). I must say- I think the workout variety in P90 is fabulous. Have a good Wednesday

  3. yep im doing P90x too! the plyos are great, but if you think thats hard, try an insanity workout! the p90x plyos looks easy next to insanity haha..its an awesome workout thougH! I love the p90x workouts! i did the shoulders and arms today! my arms were shaky afterwards!! glad you are liking it!

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