welcome baby girl nova sienna!


Yesterday we welcomed the third addition into our family – Nova Sienna! 

Nova, you came into this world in a flash.  Much quicker and sooner than I was expecting (1 day before your due date!), but I am so glad to have you here in my arms snuggling you close and getting to know you by the minute.


Born Saturday February 27 at 8:46pm, weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long, along with an amazing full head of black hair. 

I cannot wait to share your birth story.  It was not at all what I expected it to be, but unique and beautiful in every way.   Just like you my baby girl. 

We are so in love already and cannot wait to share you with Hunter and Zoe and let our story of five begin to unfold.  

Thank you for all the sweet wishes on Facebook, Instagram and messages we have been sent.  We truly feel so blessed to have so much support and love surrounding us, so thank you and know that we feel the love!


dear zoe {year two}


Dear Zoe,

Yesterday you turned two.  HOW are you two already now?


We spent the morning at your two year check up (sorry for the shot).  You were incredibly snuggly and shy and I loved holding you and keeping you safe and close.  You are also growing so well!  75% percentile for weight and height – you are a great eater and growing up to be a strong girl.


We went to a coffee shop after for a steamed milk treat.  You loved it, of course.


Your uncle Trevor spent some time with us, we ate lunch, you went down for a nap and after nap you and Hunter watched a movie together before our friends came over.  Gosh, you love spending time with your friends.  You get so excited and run around in circles when they show up. But you also slow down and share your favorite things with your friends too.  You are the sweetest.

I got to put you to bed last night (normally your daddy does).  I sang you a few songs while we snuggled in the chair (you always want to start with Jesus loves me), you rested your head on my shoulder while squeezing your taggie and 2 stuffed animals, then I kissed you, laid you in your bed and said goodnight to my two year old girl.


I spent some time reading through your birth story, and just as I thought, I forgot nothing about it.  Your entrance into the world will forever be in my mind.  It was such a spectacular day.  You have added so much to our family and I cannot imagine not having you around.


You are such a little daredevil and are constantly adding new scrapes and bumps to your body.  I think it’s because you see all the things your big brother does and you want to do them too, but I also think you are just a go-getter and want to try everything for yourself.  You also want to do everything by yourself.  Sometimes I can trick you into us doing things together (like buckling your car seat) but for the most part you want to be in charge of doing everything.

I don’t know where this came from, but you are really into telling us (and even strangers who are near you) “don’t touch me”.  I won’t lie, sometimes it’s challenging when you tell me not to touch you then you get hurt falling off of a chair or something, but I also appreciate your ability to vocalize what you want.  You are an independent, strong-willed little girl.


And speaking of vocalizing, you have so many words to share!  You are a little chatter box and while I know what you are saying about 80-90% of the time, sometimes at meal, especially when daddy is home, you just love chattering away about whatever is on your mind.  It is the cutest listening to your voice.


I love that you are a snuggly one when you wake up from your nap and before going to bed.  Normally you just want to be doing things, but those moments when we can slow down, snuggle real close and you want to give all the hugs and kisses makes me so happy.  You are gentle, kind and so great at sharing.  Hunter is lucky to have you as a sister, this baby is blessed to have such a caring big sister and I know your daddy and I could not be more happy to have you with us.  We love you so much.  I wish I could spend an entire day just snuggling you, and reading you book after book and giving kisses all day long.  But I know you’d wiggle out, so I will settle for the nap time and bedtime snuggles that I love so much.

Zoe, you are so so loved.


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real food loving kids: give them the power of choice


If having your kids in the kitchen cooking with you doesn’t sound relaxing or they just don’t have interest in it, another way to get them involved with food is at the grocery store.


For quite a while I was doing the big weekly grocery shopping trip on Mondays after teaching my 3 class line up when my kids were being watched.  Grocery shopping with 2 kids can be loud and challenging at times (I always bring extra snacks and things to distract them), so these solo trips were a real luxury.  However, about a month ago we (finally) got back into a church going routine.  Since church ends around 10:40am we are left with some time before lunch and have turned it into the family shopping trip to Chuck’s Produce.  Jacob takes Hunter with a mini list around the store while Zoe and I grab the bulk of the items.  We meet up and finish together, and it is my new favorite way to grocery shop.  I love it even more than those solo trips!

I began adding a fruit or vegetable of choice to the Hunter/Jacob list.  Any fruit or veggie was up for grabs.  If it was something new that we had never tried (there are some crazy looking veggies out there!) then we would get the opportunity to try something new.  The first week he picked broccoli.  I had loaded up on broccoli too since it was on sale so we had a heavy week of broccoli eating.  We ate it raw, roasted, steamed and puréed into this cheddar broccoli soup.  His favorite way was roasted (mine too).  Normally broccoli isn’t something he gets excited about, but since he picked it specifically, he was eager to try it in so many different ways without argument or much encouragement needed.  He didn’t always like it, but at least he kept trying it.

Another week he was sick and didn’t get to go to church or grocery shopping but he had been already thinking about foods he wanted to pick out.  He actually had a list in his head: orange bell pepper, oranges, green grapes and dried mango (it’s like candy to us).  Such awesome healthy choices!  I happily picked all of them up for my under the weather boy and he was excited when I told him about all the foods I bought at the store.  He then promptly wanted to eat all of them with his lunch.

Giving kids the power of choice and involving them in selecting real foods is a simple yet powerful way to encourage their own healthy eating habits.  From my experience, if they pick the food out, they are more likely to be excited to try it.  Just as involving them in the kitchen with cooking a meal, finding more ways to spark excitement about real food is going to benefit them for a long time.

Have you tried this grocery shopping strategy of giving them the power of choice?  What tips do you have for getting your kids excited about real foods?


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hospital go bag + aurorae yoga mat flip flop review + giveaway 


I am officially 5 days away from my due date!  Since I’ve anticipated going late again, I have totally allowed myself to be a slacker in the whole prep for baby game.  But I’m am happy to say that prep is finally done.  The baby clothes and cloth diapers have been found and washed, the pack n play is waiting in our bedroom (to be set up, but at least it’s there!), the car seats have been moved around and all 3 are installed and now the hospital bag is prepped and ready to go!


If you are curious about what to pack for your hospital bag, here’s what I find necessary.  It’s pretty minimalistic in my opinion, but it’s what I’ve found I actually use when at the hospital.

Snacks (so important to me!): date/nut balls (this recipe), pecan coconut bars (this recipe), clif bloks energy chews (the only time I use these is during labor) and epic bars.  The date/nut balls and pecan coconut bars are waiting for me to grab from the freezer, the rest is in the bag.  If I have time before leaving I’ll probably grab yogurt and granola as well.

Clothes for me: comfy lounge pants and pj pants, nursing tank 2x, loose t-shirt, sweatshirt, underwear 2x, handful bra (easy to use for nursing), socks 2x and aurora flip flops

Clothes for Jacob: sweatpants, basketball shorts, t-shirt 2x, underwear 2x, zip up hoodie, socks 2x

Clothes for baby: pjs 2x, onsie, pants, socks, hat, swaddle blanket 2x

Toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste, razor, comb and brush, hair ties, make up, glasses and contact solution (for Jacob) and blow drier

Other: phone charger, purse and wallets


Not everything is actually in the bag (which is my gym bag that I love so – similar to this one), but what isn’t packed is written on a list to grab last minute since they are items we use daily and can’t keep packed up.  I also packed a go bag for my kiddos with 2 days worth of clothes/diapers for them.  All I have to grab is their special sleeping items and them when the time comes.


Now onto the flip flops!

I have partnered with Aurorae before to review one of their yoga mats and actually have the northern lights yoga mat as well which I was gifted from a friend that I absolutely adore and use almost daily.  This time got the chance to try out their flip flops made from yoga mat material.  So comfy!  It’s like walking on multiple yoga mats.  Since it is winter here I’ve only worn them inside a couple of times to test them out but cannot wait for warmer days to walk around in them outside.  They make walking for my pregnant, semi swollen feet much more cushiony. They are packed in my hospital bag for the hours of walking I anticipate doing.  Comfy feet are important during labor!

To share the Aurorae love they are letting me give away a pair of flip flops to one lucky reader!  To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me where you would take these flip flops along with you.


The giveaway is open for one week to US residents.  I will announce the winner Tuesday, March 1 2016 (unless I am in the middle of having a baby!).  Thanks to Aurorae for letting me try out these great flip flops and sharing a pair with one of you!

Where would you take these flip flops along with you?  And what items or food are a must for your hospital bag?



raw liver: why I added it into my diet along with a raw liver smoothie recipe



I am fully aware that some of you will pass on reading this post, which is totally okay!  I know the thought of eating liver totally grossed some people out, so feel free to skip back and look at cute picture of my kids –> here.  But for those of you that are intrigued, as I was a few months, please read on!

Where did I hear about eating raw liver?

I fully attribute the initial idea of adding liver into my diet to the balanced bites podcast.  Then I did more research on Real Food Liz (this specific post) on the benefits of eating raw liver and thought that it sounded good to try adding in.  Why not?

I was ready to try it.  The next step was finding a good source of liver, which was super important to me especially since I was going to try it out raw.  Luckily I have a local grass fed beef farmer  (grass kickin’ farms) I purchase beef from time to time so I happily added a pound of beef liver to my next order.


Why eat liver?

Liver is a nutrient power house.  I think of it as nature’s true multi-vitamin.  Liver is high in super important nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 and folic acid, and minerals such as copper and iron (source).

I chose to eat it raw because I was looking for a big energy boost from the high content of vitamin B12 which decreases when liver is cooked, and my preference taste wise was for it raw in smoothies after trying it both cooked and raw.

I know eating raw meats is controversial and especially for pregnant women, so I’m not here recommending you add it to your diet, pregnant or not. It was a personal choice I made knowing that after 14 days of the liver being frozen pathogens and such die off, so I felt safe eating it and feeding it to my children. I also use proper and safe food handling, which is important for all food preparation no matter the food you are choosing to eat.


How to include raw liver in your diet?

I did try a cooked beef liver and bacon paté recipe and managed down a few bites.  It was rough (although Zoe loved it).  So I’m sticking with the raw liver smoothies since they are easier to drink and the pronounced liver flavor can be masked, which I personally need at this stage in my liver eating life.  The first time I made a raw liver smoothie shot I stood over the sink gagging and holding back the reaction to vomit. No joke, it was pretty nasty to me.  Way too much liver in that first experiment.  Hunter thought that same first smoothie shot tasted funny and only had a sip or two, but Zoe… she devoured all of hers and all of Hunters!  I just love young kid palates.

To prepare the liver I defrosted the frozen liver quickly in warm water until it was soft, then just added it to a blender and blended until smooth.  I then poured the liquid liver onto a baking sheet with parchment paper to freeze and I cut it into manageable little chunks to add to my smoothies so that it would blend in nicely.  Pretty sure I waited another 14 days of it refreezing before using it.

Here’s a smoothie recipe that masks the liver taste pretty well for me.  The flavor isn’t 100% absent, but enough that the smoothie is enjoyable and the kids and I are getting the nutrient power house into our bodies little bits at a time.  I shoot for a raw liver smoothie once a week, but in reality we’re getting it just about 2-3 times a month.


Banana Peach Green Smoothie with Raw Liver 

Serves 2 (or 1 adult and 2 kids)


  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 2-3 tbsp frozen puréed liver
  • 1 cup frozen banana chunks
  • 1 cup frozen peaches


  1. Add the coconut water and spinach to the blender.  Blend on high until all the spinach is smooth and combined, then add the liver in and continue to blend until smooth again.  You want to make sure the liver is broke down before adding more items so you don’t end up with any liver chunks.
  2. Add the frozen banana and peach next, and blend until smooth.  Depending on your blender you may need to add a little more liquid to keep it going, or just scrape the sides a couple times to get the frozen chunks down to the blades.
  3. Once smooth and creamy pour into glasses and enjoy!

Note: I don’t keep any leftover smoothie for two reasons.  Zoe devours any extra we have, and since I’m feeding us raw liver I want it to go from frozen into our bodies with no chance to warm up just for extra food safety.

Want to read more about why liver is awesome for you nutritionally?  Check out this post by Liz Wolfe for so much more info.

What do you think, would you try a raw liver smoothie?  Or are you running the other direction?


zoe’s pompom party


I don’t know how, but Zoe is nearly 2 years old!  Her actual birthday is next week, but since I am due 2 days after her birthday I decided that her party needed to be a couple weeks early, in case this baby decided to come early.  (That did not happen)


Since I’m 9 months pregnant (yikes!) I kept the party really small, simple and low key.  We had a few friends over and both sets of grandparents.  I wanted the party to be all about enjoyment and fun for her, and it sure was.  She adores having friends over and talks about it daily.


Pompoms may seem like an odd theme, but I loved it!  I already had a pompom display made in her room (see it here along with the tutorial), so it was a simple decoration to bring upstairs.  Since I love yellow, black, grey and white I stuck with those colors.


I replaced the tree garland I had made for Christmas with a black pompom garland.  It’s totally going to stay there for a while.

IMG_2659 IMG_2693

For a fun kiddo activity I set up pompom flower pots for them to create!  Making the actual pompoms took the longest amount of time, but the rest was a breeze.  I’m planning a post about this on its own soon.  The older kids were super into making and stuffing as many pompom flowers and moss into the pots as possible.


Food was kept simple because I could make it ahead of time: curry chicken salad with grapes and celery, croissants and butter lettuce to wrap it up in, a fruit salad, a tomato/cucumber/mozzarella salad and two kinds of pickles + dilly beans.


For the cake I made 2 layers of Japanese cheesecake (recipe here) with fresh raspberries between the layers and whipped cream all around it.  Plus pompom flowers to top it off!


I made Zoe and her baby doll matching geranium dresses in the color theme with big dots!  Kind of pompom like and she was absolutely adorable in it, of course.

Birthday girl had a blast and it was such a fun and stress free party.  Hooray for pompoms and a successful party!

What was the last theme for a party you attended? 


2 minute tuna avocado salad


As a mom of two littles, I can definitely say that lunch time is the most challenging meal to get on the table.  Usually we’ve spent the morning away at activities and will arrive back home when everyone is hungry and getting tired for naps.  I rely heavily on leftovers because they are quick to prepare for us – the biggest plus in my book.  But when leftovers are lacking my go-to is canned fish.  We love all different kinds – tuna, salmon and sardines – and I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy it.  Tuna salad with mayo and pickles is a go to standard, but today I have a fresh take to share that uses avocado for creaminess instead of mayo.


I am exited to partner with Bumble Bee® today to share this quick 2 minute paleo friendly tuna avocado salad, where I used Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore in Water as the main ingredient.  Bumble Bee offers responsibly wild caught Albacore that is delicious, versatile, high in protein and absolutely perfect as the main ingredient in any meal.  Try this mouth-watering recipe and discover for yourself why Only Bumble Bee Albacore Will Do™  *see their website for full nutritional facts


I will say, the first time we made the tuna salad it took more than 2 minutes, but that’s because the kiddos both helped me make it.  Having them help out in the kitchen makes the time even more fun, so the fact that it took about 10 minutes with them being involved was a-okay with me.

IMG_2550 IMG_2560

Hunter helped me mash the avocado and slice the cucumbers, and Zoe tried everything as we went along.  She is a great taste tester!  I’ll assure you though, an adult without distractions can get this from kitchen to table in 2 minutes flat!


Tuna Avocado Salad

Serves 2 (or 1 adult and 2 kids)


  • 2 cans Bubble Bee solid white albacore in water
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt and pepper
  • Dippers: cucumber rounds and rice crackers


  1. Open and drain cans of tuna.  Place in a medium bowl.  Add avocado and mash with the tuna.  Add sea salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.  Taste and adjust seasoning if needed.
  2. Serve with cucumber rounds and rice crackers, or your favorite dippers!

Are you curious about the difference between premium Solid White Albacore and Chunk Light Tuna?  Be sure to learn more about why Only Bumble Bee® Albacore Will Do here.

Do you have a go-to tuna recipe?  What are some quick lunches you rely on?  I always love new ideas!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

a day in the life with 2 toddlers


The last time I shared a ‘day in life’ post was when Zoe was just a wee little newborn baby.  A new day in life post is definitely due!  Now Zoe is almost 2 years old and Hunter is a few months shy of being 4 years old.  I snapped a bunch of pictures during our semi-normal Monday last week.   Hope you enjoy!

Wake somewhere in the 4 o’clock hour to the hubs getting ready and leaving for work. Try to fall back to sleep but can’t.
5:30am Grab coffee and banana and head back up to bed for my daily bible reading. Once done I hop in the shower, dry my hair, make the bed, tidy the bedroom, snap a quick 36 week pregnancy picture and head downstairs.
6:30am Get breakfast cooking on the stove, take out garbage and recycling and grab the infant car seat from the shed.
6:50am Hunter comes upstairs, does some silly face pictures to send to daddy and then helps me clean the infant car seat.
7:15am Hunter and I begin eating and I feed the dog. Custard oatmeal/quinoa cooked with coconut milk, banana, vanilla and cinnamon then topped with peanut butter and fresh blueberries.
7:30am Zoe wakes and starts breakfast, Hunter is done and gets cleaned up.
IMG_5602.JPG IMG_2434 IMG_5612.JPG
8am -10am kids color, help me fold laundry, we put it away upstairs and downstairs, head outside to the garage (I clean the car while they draw with chalk in the driveway).
10am Snack! They both eat 2.5 bananas, I munch on one while cleaning up the dishes from breakfast and prepping their lunch + my post workout snack.
IMG_5616.JPG IMG_5618.JPG
10:40am Grandparents arrive to watch the kids, I leave and have some extra minutes before teaching so I redo my hair with a braid (it doesn’t last both classes).  I also munch on some dates.
11:30-1pm Teach 2 classes (fitness yoga and sculpt and tone) while the kiddos have fun at home.
1:10pm Before driving home I eat some yogurt and granola plus an apple and then listen to part of an episode of the balanced bites podcast on my drive back home.
Once home I help get Zoe to sleep, then do a quick shower while Hunter reads plays in my bed, then we prep dinner.
Hunter helps rip up the kale for kale chips, I saute ground beefalo and add tomato sauce to it to simmer.  Olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic granules are mixed with the kale.
IMG_5628.JPG IMG_5630.JPG
2:30pm My second lunch of leftovers happens, then Hunter does stamping while I work on THIS blog post.  
3:15pm Zoe is up from her nap and snacking on some grapes.  Hunter gets in on that action too.
The afternoon is a blur of playing and finishing dinner prep + Jacob gets home, which we all love.
He was given a selfie stick at work, so we have a little fun with that.
IMG_5669.JPG5:30pm dinner is served.  Monday night spaghetti and kale chip night!
Clean up the kiddos then they play.
While they play I prep Jacob’s food for tomorrow and clean the kitchen.
7:15pm kids are down for the night, we finish picking up the living room, relax for a bit, then head upstairs to watch an episode of the new girl. And by 8:30pm we are done for the day, lights out!

afternoon tea time with lipton tea



Afternoon tea time.  Raise of hands for those that love it? (ME!).  My kids also have a love affair with tea time.  They must have picked up on the tea love from me, because they both have so much fun pretending to drink tea.


For Christmas we gave Zoe this adorable wood tea set, but even before that, she used other cups for tea parties and Jacob would build her a tea pot out of legos.  They’d have fun going back and forth sharing cups of tea and talking about the kinds of tea they are drinking.


We not only do pretend tea parties, but they enjoy sipping on the real stuff with me too.  Since I’m pregnant I currently stick with decaf teas, and both of the kids most definitely only need decaf teas in their little bodies.  I was selected to participate in a campaign with Lipton Tea, which means we’ve been enjoying a new flavor together in the afternoons.  I chose three different teas to try out: Lipton Pure Green Tea, Enticing Chai Black Tea and Peach Mango Herbal Tea.  Check out the full line-up of Lipton Green, Black and Herbal tea flavors here.


Once this baby arrives I’m excited to try out the green tea and chai tea, but in the meantime afternoon tea has been all about the peach mango herbal tea.  So much flavor.  We love that it is made with real ingredients combined with their best herbal tea blends to awaken the senses.  Something so calming like tea totally refreshes me and wakes me up for the rest of the afternoon.  I love sharing the quiet moments with the kids where we sit together snuggled up on the couch, sipping a warm soothing drink and talking about whatever is on their mind.


I am definitely guilty of living a busy life.  Our calendar rarely has an empty day on it, most mornings we are off to either a kiddo activity or I’m teaching a class, and even when we’re home I have a long list of items to work on around the house.  Tea time with my kiddos really lets me sit down and enjoy the slower moments.  You can’t rush through tea time, you just have to be present and enjoy it, something I can get behind any afternoon.


Do you have any tea time rituals?  What is your favorite flavor of tea? 


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

january highlights


I hope your week is starting out great!  Here’s a little look into what our January was like.  As always, so many kiddo pictures to share. :)


We started the new year in Seattle for Christmas with my family.  Matchy-matchy sweater love.

IMG_1761 IMG_1776 IMG_1772

We ended up leaving Seattle a day earlier than anticipated which I am super thankful for, because we were home for the snow that started in the next morning (when we had planned to drive home)!  After naps we all bundled up and went out to play in the snow.  Snow ball fights, snow angels and snow men.  Such fun!

IMG_1847After snow play reading and warming by the fire.

IMG_1914I shared my post on five simple habits that bring me more happiness.  Read it HERE.

IMG_1930That top knot.  That flannel.  Those remote control car skills.

IMG_1975 IMG_1997 IMG_1993 IMG_2022We went on an unplanned outdoor exploration one chilly morning.  Zoe was not dressed for the mud, but boy did we have fun!

IMG_2026I am so happy to have farm fresh eggs back in the house!  The local source I was buying from before wasn’t an option anymore, so (thanks to craigslist) I found a lady that has 180 chickens she cares for at her home (with llamas and alpacas too) and they lay beautiful eggs that taste so, so good.  They’re less expensive than the ones I was buying at the grocery store, way more fresh and the quality is great!

IMG_2023The only time Hunter naps now is if Jacob or I lay with him in our bed to help him to slow his body down.  He’s adjusted well to only napping 1-2 times a week when we really needs it, but I have to say, the afternoons I lay in bed with him to give him extra rest, I totally soak the rest in too.

IMG_2047 IMG_1885Fun in the kitchen making nutty cacao coconut energy balls.  Find the recipe HERE.

IMG_208733 weeks!

IMG_2094Just a quick and simple lunch I love to have when we need something fast and nutrient packed.  Canned sardines smashed with a little mayo and old bay seasoning, cucumbers rounds, rice crackers and homemade apple sauce.  All foods I pretty much always have on hand for those lunches when leftovers are sparse.

IMG_2095Stumptown is our fav.  Decaf for an afternoon treat with allllll the half and half.

IMG_2099THE most adorable first full french braid.

IMG_2122I taught one last body combat class mid January.  It is such a fun class, but at 33 weeks the intensity was leaving me a bit more tired than I like to feel the rest of the day.  Cannot wait to get back to combat after baby though!

IMG_2146Pregnancy heartburn is no joke, but this has been such an amazing cure.  A little shot of ACV when heartburn kicks in and it keeps it away so much better than other remedies I’ve tried.  I think it’s actually helped with my stomach acid levels because since I started using it I’ve noticed my heartburn decrease to only a few times a week now instead of once or twice a day.

IMG_2177My go-to no-cook breakfast we all love on Friday mornings.  Read more about it HERE.

IMG_1967Curious kitty checking in on Zoe’s art.  Also, see those undies?  Potty training happened this month too and Zoe’s done so well!  We aren’t 100% yet, but we are also just 2 weeks into it.

IMG_2236Almond-pecan-coconut butter.  Yes.  Used this on some nut butter coated roasted parsnip fries.  Amazing.

IMG_1978Very sleepy Saturday morning of coffee, kids, cuddles and a show on the bed together.

IMG_2242Some freezer meal prep – pumpkin ricotta gnocchi in the works (so good).  To get the link to the recipe and read more check out my 1 month count down to baby #3 post HERE.

IMG_225735 week midwife appointment – kid free and oh so relaxing.

IMG_2263Our families favorite combo for Monday night spaghetti night with loads of kale chips.

IMG_2266Both kids started gymnastics classes a couple of months ago and this is pretty much Zoe during most of her class – a blur from one activity to the next.

IMG_2290Girl day to the Polish Pottery Store in Portland!  Three generations together with my mom along with us.

IMG_2286Then my mom and I enjoyed some decaf coffee while Zoe had a ball on the stairs.  Up, down, up, down, up, down.


New for the collection.

IMG_2029While the girls were out the boys had a fun dude day in town hiking around, going to the local hardware store and getting breakfast together.  And Jacob shaved his beard!

IMG_2309Having a little table in the office for the kids to color at whenever they want to was a genius idea, if I do say so myself.

IMG_2319Twin snacks.

IMG_2335Rain doesn’t stop us from getting outside.  Big puddles to splash in makes it even more fun.

IMG_2323The staycation adventure hike.

IMG_2363Oatmeal/almond biscuits.  So good at breakfast time with a little fig jam on top.  I’ve been making them 1-2 times a week lately.

IMG_2373Afternoon art.  We usually do paint, stamps, a paper craft or play dough when Zoe is napping and Hunter needs some calm time.

IMG_2378I picked up a bunch of seed packets and am getting excited to plant the garden in a few months!  Still a few more varieties to purchase, but I’m really excited about these finds.

How was your January?  What are some highlights from the month?  Happy February!


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