Today I’m participating in Lindsay’s pin it party.  Basically I pick 5 of my posts to share that I’d like to see more on pinterest – the link + a picture that’s pinable – and then make sure to pin some other great posts other party pinner’s are sharing.

Here are my 5 picks, which just happen to be some favorites of mine.


Most loved post on the blog: baby’s first smash cake AKA healthy no sugar banana cake


Go-to all time fav breakfast: banana custard oats how-to


Cookies for everyone! Five healthier kid-friendly cookie recipes


BEST core exercise? Planks – try this workout

{PS: re-reading through that post makes me quite excited for my next post baby body adventure!}


Still my favorite homemade cleaners I use all the time


Bonus! Although it was just posted on Tuesday: homemade crockpot yogurt – so loving this!

Are you Pinterest obsessed like me?

You can follow me here.  I use it a ton for meal planning.  It’s just so easy to have my recipes all saved in one spot (recipes to try board if you’re interested), and for sewing projects too.  My computer is right by my sewing machine so it’s super easy for me to check directions that way instead of printing everything out.

Have a great Thursday all!


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