Our little baby boy Hunter was born May 28th, 2012!  Check out his page for more updates and Hunter’s birth story.  Below you’ll find my first pregnancy updates.  Scroll down to the bottom for updates on my second pregnancy, which ended with a wonderful baby girl Zoe.  Check out her page for updates and the great birth story.

First pregnancy: week by week

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First pregnancy posts

The VERY VERY special announcement

How I knew I was pregnant

Cravings and aversions

From tears to joy

keep your core strong during pregnancy

Adventures in baby shopping, take one

10 ways running has changed with pregnancy

Baby BOY or Baby GIRL?!

It’s a baby ___!!

Notes on second trimester running

Guess baby h’s name

Cloth diapering 101: the options

Struggles with pregnancy weight gain

Running out, water in

Baby shower #1

Baby shower # 2

Baby shower #3

The beginnings of our Bradley Method class

Hunter’s nursery: stage 1

Facing my pregnancy fears

Hunter’s nursery: state 2 + stage 1 update

All about the boobs, by bullets

Braxton hicks contractions

Hunter’s nursery: mural, wall and lights

Hunter’s nursery: stage 3

our cloth diaper plan

meet Hunter Clarence

IMG_8435Second pregnancy: weekly updates

first trimester recap

weeks 14-18

weeks 19-22

weeks 23-26

weeks 27-30

weeks 31-34

weeks 35-37

weeks 38-40

Second pregnancy posts

second pregnancy FAQ

preparing for baby

my past due happenings


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