In Episode 10 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Laura Bruner joins me to share an introduction to BirthFit!  If you have never heard of the movement, this episode is for you!  We chat pregnancy, postpartum, nutrition, fitness, mindset and chiropractic.

Introduction to BirthFit with Laura Bruner

Fit Mama Real Food Radio is a weekly podcast where I’ll be sharing insights, education and inspiration focused on living a happy and healthy life.  I’ll be chatting about food, fitness, motherhood and mindset.


In Episode 10 Laura Bruner of My Radical Root comes onto the podcast to chat and share an introduction to BirthFit! I had so much fun getting to know Laura.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  I know you guys will get a ton out of this episode!

Introduction to birth with Laura Bruner

Topics covered:

  • Laura shares her background and path to where she is now
  • What BirthFit is all about
  • The benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy
  • In depth about each of the 4 pillars of BirthFit
  • How the BirthFit pillars can benefit you the most throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period
  • How someone can get started with a BirthFit coach or regional director
  • What it looks like working with a BirthFit director

Links from the episode:

You can find the episodes and subscribe in itunes, stitcher, tunein, google play and also listen directly below!

I hope you all enjoyed the chat with Laura and learned a lot more about BirthFit!


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