I hope you are rolling into another wonderful week!  We had a pretty mellow weekend which was just what we needed.  I’ve been a tired mama!  I took the kids to one of our favorite spots though – the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.  It was SO good to be back there and spend some time outside on a cold but sunny morning.

Real food nutrition for the whole family

I thought a bit ahead and knew I wanted to set myself up for success in the kitchen so I did some food prep over the weekend – grain free hamburger buns (which were basically like baked pancakes and my kids loved them), shredded chicken, chopped kale, peanut butter and jam oatmeal bars, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted spiralized potatoes.

I realized something while I was in the kitchen this weekend – I rarely make a non-doubled recipe. We have been going through SO much food (between my hubby working on bulking up, 4 kids that eat a ton and me!), and when I’m already cooking I find that I need to just double or triple a recipe because we go through the food so quickly.  I love having leftovers on hand to save me from cooking once or twice, but if I’m not making a larger batch, there just isn’t much left over.  Realizing this is a time saver!  It doesn’t take much extra time to make more of the same thing, so why not double it?

Maybe this is helpful for you too – I sure hope so!  Other things that are helpful – this new podcast episode!

Real food nutrition for the whole family with Stephanie Greunke

Real food nutrition for the whole family

real food nutrition for the whole family with Stephanie Greunke

In episode 58 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Registered Dietician Stephanie Greunke to chat all about real food nutrition for the whole family!  We dive into what women, men and kids really need to think about when building their plates, and how that can look when feeding the whole family.  I ask her about milk for toddlers, her favorite specific foods to include every week, tips for making a real food swap accessible for the family and so much more.  This is a great conversation that will arm you with tools to implement into your own real food routine. Enjoy the episode!

Links from the episode

You can find the episodes and subscribe in itunes, stitcher, tunein, google play and also listen directly below!  If you’ve been enjoying the show, I would love for you to rate and review it in itunes –> HERE.



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