You guys know birth stories are one of my favorite things.  I have shared each birth story for my 4 kiddos here and absolutely LOVE reading birth stories.  I love rereading my own birth stories and remembering everything about it.  Even though I’m not having any more babies, it is totally a favorite of mine.  I am super into the power of birth stories.

the power of birth stories

In fact, not long after Holland was born I compiled a resource of 60+ birth stories.  A great starting point if you’ve wanting to dive into all kinds of birth stories.

The power of birth stories with Nicole of The BIRTH Project

I am not the only one who loves birth stories.  My podcast guest Nicole of The BIRTH Project is all about them too!  I wanted to bring her onto the show to chat all things birth, why reading birth stories of all types can be so empowering and so much more.

The power of birth stories with Nicole of The BIRTH Project

The power of birth stories with Nicole Peyton of The BIRTH Project

In episode 61 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Nicole Peyton of The BIRTH Project!  Nicole compiled and shares birth stories from parents – the real, the raw and the uncensored.  The BIRTH Project is a safe place to tell your birth story and read others. Nicole hopes it is a place that leaves you feeling inspired, empowered and able. Her goal with this endeavor is to create empowering reads for all women in which ALL birth experiences are celebrated.  I love that so much.  Enjoy the episode!

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