Add more goodness into your life. I am so excited to share about this concept for sooo many areas of your life.

add more goodness into your life

Add more goodness onto your plate.

Add more goodness into your movement.

Add more goodness filled with joy.

Add more goodness from people around you.

add more goodness into your life

My goal in life and in sharing this space with YOU is to help foster a happy, healthy life.  HAPPY at the center.  Mental health is so important in having a happy life.  We could be doing all the right things to be “healthy” – you know, eating nutritiously, moving well, sleeping the right amount, keeping stress at bay, drinking enough water… but if we aren’t happy and enjoying life, then there is an added stressor right there.

I don’t have all the answer on how to create a happy life.  And heck, I have days where I feel stressed, unhappy and everything feels hard, but the majority of the time, happiness is centered around all I do.

I hope today’s podcast episode gives you some encouragement and something to think about.

Add more goodness into your life

Add more goodness into your life

In episode 65 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I’m bringing back the solo-pod!  Today I am sharing 4 different areas to consider to add more goodness into your life.  These 4 areas include food, movement, joy and people.  My hope with this episode is that you come out from listening inspired to add more goodness into at least one area of your life.

I would love to know which area of the 4 you resonated with the most.  Leave a comment in the blog post below and tell me what sparked interest for you!

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