I’ve been really leaning into my love for teaching fitness lately, and by jolly it bring me so much joy!  As you’ve maybe noticed here, more fitness content is coming to the forefront.  I hope you’ve been enjoying it and especially my workout videos because I sure love making them!

I truly believe fitness should be for everyone.  No one style of workout will be the ultimate style, which is why it makes me happy that there are so many ways to move our bodies!  Taking a class or doing specific workouts isn’t what it’s all about, but really just moving your body.  Move every day, and maybe break a sweat too.  And then be consistent!  Consistency is such a key player in healthy living.

get started with exercise in 4 easy steps - fit mama real food radio #70

If you’re just getting into working out, or maybe you’ve taken a break and want to jump back in, then today’s podcast episode is for you.  I wrote about how to get started with exercise, but sometimes it’s easier to take tips in when you’re listening.  Or maybe you’re doing dishes and need something great to listen to and want to be inspired to begin exercising – well this is it!  This is for you!

get started with exercise in 4 easy steps - fit mama real food radio #70

Get started with exercise in 4 easy steps

In episode 70 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I share my tips on how to get started with exercise.  These are actionable steps that will give you a road map to figure out what your workout schedule can look like, how to implement it in a slow and steady way and how to stay consistent with it.  We’re going to go through 4 steps on getting you ready and going with exercise. Whether that means a walking program, strength training, being more active in sports, yoga or group classes, I want you to feel empowered to move your body. Because movement, whatever that looks like, is what our bodies need and crave!

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