Going to see a pelvic floor physical therapist was such a great decision!  As I shared in my previous post and podcast about pelvic floor health, I went in with no real symptoms but it ended up being that I needed to be there.  My reason to go came from the encouragement of Anna, today’s podcast guest!

Postpartum recovery and return to exercise | Fit Mama Real Food Radio episode 72

What a blessing Anna has been!  I have learned so much about pelvic floor health from her and keep learning more and more.  She is back on the podcast again today to dive into a topic that all mamas should hear.  Especially those that exercise and can’t wait to jump back into it after having a baby (me me!)

Pelvic floor health with Anna Scammell | Postpartum recovery and return to exercise

Postpartum recovery and return to exercise

In episode 72 I am joined again by Anna Scammell, a Masters-trained Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, to chat all things postpartum recovery and return to exercise!  Anna is so generous with her time and has amazing resources that I wish I had when I was in my postpartum period.  In today’s episode we cover: how delivery affects postpartum recovery, how much rest and recovery is truly necessary, what kinds of activities are okay in those first few weeks, signs that your body is recovered enough to return to exercise, how she recommends women return to exercise and of course, we talk a ton about the pelvic floor!

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