For episode 9 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio we are getting personal and I’m chatting about how I’m preparing for labor and delivery!

preparing for labor and delivery

Fit Mama Real Food Radio is a weekly podcast where I’ll be sharing insights, education and inspiration focused on living a happy and healthy life.  I’ll be chatting about food, fitness, motherhood and mindset.


In Episode 9 I’m sharing all about how I’m preparing for labor and delivery.  I hope you leave informed and inspired for your own pregnancy (whether that is now, or possibly later down the line).  That is my goal for each and every episode!

Topics covered:

  • Preparing the pregnant body for labor and delivery: food, fitness, sleep and hydration
  • Choices for your medical team and class options
  • Preparing your MIND for labor and delivery
  • Previous 3 birth stories

Links from the episode:

You can find the episodes and subscribe in itunes, stitcher, tunein, google play and also listen directly below!

Do you have any other tips or information to share with future or current mamas entering into the stage of labor and delivery?  Please do share!



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