How was your thanksgiving and weekend? Our fun filled long weekend ended Sunday. Thanksgiving #1 with Jacob’s family, then Thanksgiving #2 with mine on the day after + lots of games and crafting.

Chelbe and I started with some snow flake wreathes. I plan to make some more along with a tutorial. Pretty cute for just $2! Wood glue is definitely not recommended for this project.  It doesn’t dry clear.

We also made green wreaths, stamped wrapping paper and made holiday cracker-poppers. This is always by far my most crafty weekend of the entire year.

Onto a different topic for the day – diet. I began to elude to my not so perfect diet in my last post, but after a weekend of far too many indulgences I feel the need to just kick my butt back into gear. Restart and get back on track.

My mom motivated me a bit with how wonderful her fridge looked after a trip to the grocery store.  She’s also restarting and loading up on goodness.

See… so much produce!  I did some sampling of it while I was there… top notch. 🙂

This morning I’m off to the grocery store to stock my fridge (although not as full since we’re trying to save $$ at the same time) with lots of produce and prep easy to grab snacks and mini meals, .  . I’m glad to have a mostly free day to get this started and actually do the prep I talk about.  It’s going to be very helpful.

One easy snack to sneak those veggies in to is a smoothie.  So much spinach in there but you sure wouldn’t know it!

Be back with more soon.


3 thoughts on “real food restart”

  1. I wish I were that crafty. I always have ideas but they never turn out how I picture.

    I love sneaking veggies in with smoothies. Do you ever make yours ahead of time? I wonder if the spinach would be okay after sitting awhile if I made them the night before.

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