Today I’m getting closer to rounding out my 33rd week of pregnancy. A lot has changed from the first and second trimester now!

I was still running up until about 3-4 weeks ago, and now don’t have any intention of hitting the pavement until after Hunter’s here… but why?


CIMG2942Running is tough (really tough) with 35 extra pounds. Not only the impact when my feet hit the ground, but having to push the extra weight forward is a challenge.

My last run left my shins and calves extremely sore. Maybe if I had ended on a good run I would still have continued on.

The hubs has always been worried about me falling, and even more lately. He’s going to be happy that I’m holding off.

I don’t feel like I need to since there are so many other ways I love to exercise.

So for now running is out, but water is now in!

This is my third week of going to water aerobics in the morning and I still love every minute of it.

The water makes me feel light as I bounce around.

Using water dumbbells really works my muscles in a new way and variety is always a good thing.

I can run in water and it doesn’t feel like I’m lugging around as much weight.

I’ve always loved swimming, so being in the water just feels right.

It’s nice and warm!

And just plain fun!

I am really looking forward to that first endorphin fueled run post baby, but until then, I’ll hold off and enjoy my new found love for water aerobics.

Any new exercise you’ve added in or taken out lately?

Bathroom remodel pics will be up tomorrow!


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  1. Great that you have found an exercise to replace running for now. Enjoy the water! 🙂 It’s all about finding what works for us at any particular stage in our lives…

    I have been hiking more again, and it’s been great!

  2. I remember having to give up running when I was pregnant, I remember craving a nice run so bad!! Now I can again and it feels wonderful! Over the last three weeks I’ve added in a bunch of Jillian Michaels workout DVDs for a good workout along with walking, now I can walk a little more for just relaxing and not worry about it being my main workout! But I’ve really been loving doing the DVDs right in my own home (makes it easy to workout with three little ones at home) and her workouts don’t get boring!

  3. I don’t know how some women run their entire pregnancy! I would have loved to.. toward the end I’d forget I was pregnant for a second and run to catch the MAX or a bus–my back would kill me for a minute! The belly is now in charge.

  4. I so agree that the water is energizing during pregnancy. I’m closing in on 39 weeks right now, and I’m still doing tons of swimming and loving deep water running too. I did lots of water aerobics throughout, but any time you can spend in the water, feeling weightless, is heavenly! It’s so great to see other pregnant women taking advantage of the many advantages of the pool. I think the reason I’ve staved off any swelling and many other symptoms is… The pool! Good luck with everything!

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