Just as I shared in my 2 month post baby body goals, I set out for my first run with Hunter in the jogging stroller this morning. Since it’s been so stinking hot here lately, I wanted to make sure we went as early as possible to beat the heat.

I also wanted the first run to be on a smooth surface. Not like the sidewalks by my house which I’ve tripped on running and even just walking. So to the Salmon Creek/Klineline path we went. We arrived at 9:30 am, and it was already up to 70 degrees with the sun blazing. Shades were a necessity. Always.


Hunter was already asleep from the short drive there, which made sense since I waited to leave the house until it was closer to his nap time. I propped a rolled blanket up on each side of his head to keep it from moving much.


We purchased the Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Stroller (Everglade) for a couple reasons.

  • It came with an infant car seat and base – kinda a necessity to bring him home
  • It was more affordable than a BOB
  • It’s super smooth (tried it out in the store)
  • I really liked the color

You’re probably supposed to wait until babies are a little older to run with a baby, but since I was using the infant car seat with the stroller, and got the okay from his pediatrician, I felt okay with it. The rolled up blankets kept him even more secure.


Once I had my music going and plugged in the stroller speakers (yes, speakers in the stroller!), I started the map-my-run app and we were off! The first mile was slow. My peaking down to check on Hunter every 30 seconds probably didn’t help my time.

First off I noticed that my forearms were on fire from gripping the handlebar. Secondly, any little incline was much more noticeable. Pushing a stroller is tough, but not the hardest thing, just something to get used to. I actually think it’ll make me a stronger runner in general.

I stopped at each mile to drink some water a wipe off my sweat. Hunter was a champ and slept the first 40 minutes or so of the run, just waking at the end.

As I was running along the app announced my time, distance and pace.

I remember my first mile being around 13 minutes, which totally threw me off. I knew I’d be slower jogging with a stroller, but I definitely didn’t think I’d add that many minutes to my mile pace.

The second and third miles brought my pace around 11 minutes each. Getting better. By the fourth mile my pace was down to around a 10 minute mile.

My final stats:

4 miles
43 minutes

I wish the app broke out my mile splits because I didn’t really pay much attention to how long it took for each mile while I was running. If my first mile took 13 minutes, then really my final three miles would have been around 10 minutes each. Hmmmm I’m curious!

Is there an app out there that tracks mile splits?


When we got back to the jeep someone needed a diaper change. I let him hang out in the back for a little bit while I stretched.


All in all an awesome first run with the jogging stroller! I’m excited to have the freedom to run throughout the week now too. Before I was limited to the weekend when Jacob could watch Hunter, but now I can sneak it in more often.

Have you ever ran with a jogging stroller? What kind? And what temp starts to get too uncomfortable for you to run in?

The afternoon got close to (or above?) 90… definitely heat I wouldn’t want to run in!


17 thoughts on “running with a jogging stroller”

  1. I have almost the same stroller! But we got it without the car seat (although i wish I had that when Kay was younger!!). It is definitely an awesome workout. I use mine pretty much every day for walks or runs. Glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Hi there frm Sydney, Australia! I just stumbled across your blog this evening 🙂

    I have a 6!wk baby girl called Blake and am also now on the mission of getting post baby body back, well my goal is to be better than before.

    I have just had my 6 wk check up today frm my OBGYN and he said that they are not saying not t run for 6 months?! This is due to the pressure on the pelvic floor and all the jolting weakens it even more. Did you find this an issue? I should also mention that my labour was 48 hrs, vacuum assisted delivy and Blake was just under 4kg/9pnd.

    Will keep up with ur progress and am about t go and check out your recipes! Keep u the good work!


    1. Hi Jenn! Congrats on your girl Blake : ) My midwife didn’t say anything about holding off on running until 6 months, and she knows that I’m a runner. I can however tell you sometimes I do have some pelvic soreness after a tough run. Not so much pain, just like the pelvic muscles got used. Your OBGYN could be right, but I think since so many women run again before 6 months I may have heard of that before. But, everyone heals differently, so for some it may be right to wait, and for some they can start up right away. Hope your post baby body goals go well for you! *Talk* soon!

  3. We have a Bumble Ride jogging stroller and I’m happy with it. I didn’t do a lot of comparison shopping – I found this one and liked it so I got it 🙂 The heat doesn’t bother me too much for running but if I’m taking my son with than I don’t like to run it temps over 80 or with high humidity.

  4. It’s def. a love/hate relationship…but totally worth it. I take the kids in our double stroller nearly every single morning around 7:30 or 8 – a great start to our day and they’re used to it since we started so early.

  5. I always use the app Endomondo when I run. It’s free, it logs each mile’s time, gives the overall time, average mile time and maps your route. It also has a voice that tells you your mile time as you finish each mile. It has been a huge help for me. I hope this helps!

  6. I didn’t actually start jogging with my daughter until she was around 6 months. But I did do a lot of fast paced walking in those first 6 months, and I can tell you that my forearms and biceps really toned up. I did have some issues with putting too much tension in my shoulders. I had to learn how to relax. It also helps if you have an adjustable handle bar on your jogging stroller, that way you can find what’s most comfortable for you.

    When I do take my daughter out it’s usually pretty early, at least during the summer. I live in Montana, so it’s only hot during the summer. Late afternoon is better for warmth during the spring and fall.

  7. I am an instructor at a bootcamp called “Stroller Strong Moms”. We run with our babies and do a bootcamp style workout outdoors. It is kick butt hard, but so fun. I have two babies, and so I have a double bob. It pushes like a champ, and truly is worth the money. My grandma bought it for me, I’m not saying I could have afforded it…but the BOB really is so much easier to push while running! All in all…I have noticed how FAST i am! Now I can run about a 8:30/9 min mile with the stroller and a 7:30/8 minute mile without it. It is crazy how much faster it has made me! Excited to read about your journey, found you while looking for yummy zucchini recipes!

  8. I just had my first child 4 months ago, and this is exactly the blog I needed to find! It’s so inspiring and motivating to see all of these ‘running mommas’ out there doing great things! Thanks so much for giving me that ‘extra push’ I needed! 🙂

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