The level of excitement for the weekend is high, high, high!  The day started out  perfect…

8 hours of sleep – check!

Tiny bit of coffee – check!

Oats cooked in chocolate almond milk – check!

Out the door to teach cycle – check!

Normally I don’t teach on Saturday mornings, but I was subbing for an instructor.  It was such a blast and really my favorite way to start the day.  We did 50 minutes on the bike, then 10 minutes of abs at the end.  If you’re looking for a new playlist or just some great music to workout to, give this a try!

60 Minutes Cycle + Abs Playlist

You don’t have to be teaching cycle to use this.  You could do this workout by yourself on a bike… or ever on a treadmill or other cardio machine.  Have fun with it!

Kids (MGMT) – bike set up + start of warm up

I Like It (Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull) – warm up
Easy pedaling with very light resistance.   Add a tad bit resistance every minute.  Go over form + what to expect during the class.

Gone Daddy Gone (Gnarls Barkley) – warm up + stretch
Keep pedaling and add some shoulder rolls + light upper body stretches.  Start to increase pedal speed with light resistance.

Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO) – up/downs
Add in a little more resistance and alternate between coming up out of the saddle then back down, keeping the resistance the same for both up and down.  Switch every 30 seconds and increase the resistance a bit each time you go up.

Even Flow (Pearl Jam) – long hill
Every 2 minutes up the resistance on the hill.  Focus will be necessary for this one.

La La (Ashley Simpson) – sprints
3 sprints during the choruses ~ each chorus gets longer, so each sprint will get more challenging.

Walking on a Dream (Empire of the Sun) – standing hill
Start with medium resistance up an easy hill, then after 30 seconds increase it to heavy resistance and come up out of the saddle to standing.  Reduce the resistance a tad after 1:30 minutes, but then increase it back up for the last 30 seconds.

Till the World Ends (Britney Spears) – jumps
Get on the 8 count beat and ‘jump’.  Add a tad bit of resistance and go up out of the saddle for 8 counts, then down 8 counts.  Keep doing this throughout the song as long as you’d like.  You can stay in the seated position a few times with the resistance left the same, and also change to 4 counts up, 4 counts down.  Make sure everyone keeps their hands light on the bars and really uses their legs to go up and down.

Jump (Girls Aloud) – sprinting hills
3 sprinting hills (standing) during the chorus ~ at 1 minute (25 seconds of sprinting), at 2 minutes (25 seconds of sprinting) and at 3 minutes (40 seconds of sprinting to the end).

Young Blood (The Naked and Famous) – climb with steep hills
Start with a easy-moderate resistance on this hill.  Every 30-45 seconds crank the resistance up for 10 seconds.  Those 10 seconds will be like pedaling through mud (stay seated), then take it back down to the easy-moderate hill.  Repeat through the entire song.

I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) – hovers
Add in medium resistance and come up out of the saddle.  Every 30 seconds alternate between standing with chest high, to hovers where your butt is just over the saddle, back is flat and chest is close to the bar.  You’ve really got to brace your abs here!

Not For You (Pearl Jam) – cool down + stretch
Take the resistance off and slow down the legs.  Keep them pedaling while you go through shoulder rolls + upper body stretches.  Stretch your calves on the bike (standing leaning forward slightly), then take it off the bike and finish stretching your legs.

Born This Way (Lady Gaga)  and Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap) – abs
For the Abs go through this keep your core strong workout 2 times.  You may have time for 3 rounds if you cut the intervals a little shorter.

Breaking My Heart (Aqualung) – stretch your abs + any other extra stretches
Once you finish abs, give them a stretch + any other stretches that sound good to you!


It was a fun class and sweaty one too!

Hope your Saturday started out great.  Anything fun planned?



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