Always a day (or umm 3) late and a dollar short, eh?

Better late than never to set my September goals!

I don’t always create monthly goals, but this month I want to stay on track, get a lot done and track my progress… And it all starts with lists, even with their own category.


  • Cut down on the caffeine, at least by half (more on this on in its own post)
  • Eat more homemade breads, which also means bake more homemade breads


  • Stop procrastinating as much and prep further in advance for my Wednesday night Sports Training class I’ll be teaching at the Y ~ it starts this Wednesday!
  • Focus on flexibility at least once a week ~ could be yoga or just stretching
  • Work on finding a cycle class to teach ~ it’s fun to teach and a great workout!


  • Clean car ~ outside and inside
  • Pick a room and organize the crap out of it
  • Work on strategies to reduce weekly groceries from $100 to $75, then implement
  • Get away for a weekend
  • Prep meals for the next {work} day the night before
  • Make a list of snack ideas that are easy for Jacob to throw together… Gunna get more nutrition in that man!
  • Figure out what’s going on with my computer… It’s dying πŸ™ (luckily I know some HTML and can create lists and such on my phone!)
  • Work on new site prep… This is an exciting on with more to come soon!!

That’s it so far!

What are some of your goals for September?


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0 thoughts on “September Goals”

  1. I might steal this idea and do a similar post (if thats ok). Great goals!! Love that you make goals across all areas of life. My goal is to tone up and lose 1/3 to 1/2 my remaining baby weight, not cry when i drop off kaylin at day care for the first time πŸ˜‰ and buy furniture for our patio

  2. I try not to do too many goals per month and I also try to keep them simple, realistic, but also challenging. Like you, they usually include: life, fitness, nutrition. One of my goals is to not deprive myself of the things I love like sweet treats and wine! Sometimes when I don’t indulge in these simple treats, it ends up leading me to binge and that is not okay with me. So it’s a new goal and a new month!

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