It’s Saturday.  Fun day.  Not to be confused with Friday fun day.

My good fried Lindsay, the awesome lady who started Tuesday Trainer, not so recently tagged me as a Blissful Blogger.  Ahhhh blissful Smile

Let’s all get zen like.  Peaceful, calm and whatnot…


Now it’s time for me to share 7 things about me. 

Sounds fun! 

1. I tell people I’m Dutch when I’m really not.

I was born in Holland, and then went back again for a couple years when I was 11.  But, I’m an America citizen.  No dual citizenship, not even a chance of being allowed to do that.  Jacob likes to correct me when I say I’m Dutch.  Whatever.

2. I’ve always liked to bake… a lot.

When I was a teenager, I don’t remember how old, my parents went away for the weekend.  It was me + my 3 brothers at home, and I felt like baking.  So I baked.  I baked all day.  I baked until I was tired of baking and then baked some more.  I ended up making at least 8-9 different goodies, including apple turnovers, muffins, cookies and more I can’t even remember.  Luckily I have 3 brothers that helped me eat it all.  It was good.

3. I like having Sundays as me days.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my hubby since I usually only get Saturday as my all day hubby day.  But Sundays are super productive.  I get ready for the week and just feel on track. 

4. I used to be all against Macs now I’m excited to get one.

Jacob grew up with Mac, I grew up with PCs.  I’ve only had PCs and he’s mostly only had Macs.  I used to think they were a big waist of money, but after using his and just how much longer they last, I cannot wait it get my own!  Plus after using Photoshop on his Mac I really want to be able to use it a lot.  I’m just scared to use his baby (the computer, not the one growing in my stomach).

5. I am messy and don’t mind it.

It’s not that I like messes, I’m just really bad about cleaning them up.  I can live with clothes all over and dirty dishes.  It drives Jacob CrAzY!  I can’t really use the whole ‘I’m pregnant’ excuse, because I was totally like that before I started baking a bun.

6. I don’t brush my hair that often.  

My hair always seems to be the last thing I work on in the morning when getting ready.  I don’t know why, but it’s so not priority numbero uno.  When I’m rushed, I just take it out of my towel, pull it back and call it good.  Why go to the hassle of brushing if I’m just going to pull it back?  The bad part about this is that after 3-4 days of not brushing, I get SO many knots in my hair.  It’s no fun.

7. Way before I started blogging, I was taking pictures of my food.

Since I started baking, I started taking pictures of what I’ve made.  I was trying to find an old picture of this awesome hat cake I made to show but couldn’t.  I’d challenge myself to make something new and cool (like chocolate butterflies – I’ve gotta find the picture!), and have to take a picture to document it of course.  I never really did anything with them, but it was cool to see everything that I’ve made.  I’m totally going to ask my mom if she has any of those pictures and share them. 


Now onto tagging my friends!  It’s always tough to pick, so I’m going to go with the most recent 5 blog I’ve read.

Nicole @ Prevention RD

Erica @ Itzy’s Kitchen

Janetha @ Meals & Moves

Gina @ The Candid RD

Ari @ The Diva Dish

Everyone else, tell me something about you!


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