sprints kicked my butt

Sunday I finally got to my sprints!

Before that, the necessary fuel.

Fresh strawberry custard oats with hemp seed and peanut butter

And pre-workout fun with my little man.

Once Hunter was down for his nap, and Jacob was awake, I was off to the track for this {if I wasn’t pregnant} workout.

It happened.  While I was looking at the plan, I kept thinking about the 40 jump tucks.  What was I thinking, 40 JUMP TUCKS?!  But I persevered and headed to the track.

I wouldn’t know how I’d do if I didn’t try.  You always have to try.

I thought about skipping the beginning and ending 2 lap jogs, since it takes me 7-8 minutes to jog to and from the track, but I didn’t.  I knew that was just me being a wee bit scared.  I told myself if I needed to take a break, I’d do that, then jump right back in.  Exactly what I tell people in my cycle classes too. :)

This is how it went.

2 lap jog – nice n easy

20 walk out pushups – all done on my feet!

40 walking lunges – loved them

1 lap sprint – tough, but I made it around the track without a break

20 push up jacks – took a break every 5

40 speed squats – easy peasy

1 lap sprint – had to take a break half way and walk, then picked it up again

20 burpees – left out the push up, so basically they were hip thrusters

40 jumping jacks – fun!

1 lap sprint – again, needed a break – lungs beginning to feel it!

20 tricep dips – easy peasy

40 step ups – could have challenged myself more on a higher step – next time

1 lap sprint – they are kicking my butt! Had to break halfway through again

20 in-out crunches – felt good doing them and to sit down for a sec

40 jump tucks – not as bad as I thought they would be!  I broke them into 4 sets of 10 resting for a few seconds in between sets

2 lap sprint – holy cow, I was shot for these final sprints, but I took 2 breaks during and was able to finish them.  I’m sure my sprinting speed was super slow by then.

2 lap jog – much tougher than my initial jog in the beginning.  Glad it was over!

The workout took me 44 minutes + about 15 minutes of extra jogging to and from the track.  I’m glad it was cloudy and still a little brisk that morning.  My face was red enough from the workout, the sun would have made it even more red and I would have been that much more sweaty!

At 2 months post baby, this will be a good base line to see how my fitness improves over the next few months.  How much quicker will I get through the workout next time?

Looks like I’ll be back.  Back to the red track next to middle school.  Yup I will.

Do you do sprints often?  What’s the latest workout you’ve done that’s kicked your butt?


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