double dark chocolate almond butter brownie

Good morning! Joe’s been a lucky dog lately.  He’s gotten a walk just about every day.  Today I woke up to the rain I knew was coming… so I’m debating whether I take him on a walk or not.  It’ll probably turn into a yes.  Walking is good for bringing on a baby. Brownies are […]

Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Almond Butter

Yum! I cannot wait for you to read about the deliciousness Michelle is about to share!  This is definitely a recipe I’m going to try when I get home.  Nut butters are my favorite!  Plus anything with cinnamon and vanilla just make me smile big time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Get Healthy with Heather readers!  My name […]

Cookie Dough Nut Butter

Glad the Goliath Burger was a hit yesterday!  I know we can’t wait to have it again.  Once the sun comes out and the grill fires up we’ll be making them out there.  I can assure you they’ll taste even better off a charcoal grill. In the midst of the weekend I found myself with […]

pomegranate and almond butter deep dark chocolate brownie

It was fun to read about the type of runners you all are.  Most seem to be “comfort but not overkill” runner like me, but we’ve got a couple “pack up the house” and “the bare minimum” runners.  If you haven’t weighed in yet, please share! Also, the Gymboss giveaway is still open to enter […]

Quick Fix Oatmeal Mix

I’ve simplified my breakfast, and you can too with my Quick Fix Oatmeal Mix! I put together a big mix of breakfast ‘oats’ so that all I have to do is scoop from 1 place instead of multiple jars and containers.  To make it I combined the following ingredients in a large jar: 3 cups rolled oats 1 […]