16 months munchkin meals + a simple balanced breakfast pancake

Over the weekend our little munchkin turned 16 months.  Guess I need to do another monthly update!  But before I share more about what’s new with our little man, let’s take a look at what he’s been eating – specifically yesterday.

Yes, he did in fact try to eat the shave gel – the paci was a necessary intervention.


Breakfast is always our favorite meal of the day.  I love it, and so does he.  He must have inherited that from his mama. :)

Many mornings we eat custard oats (oatmeal with an egg cooked into it).  But some mornings I just want something a little quicker, but still with all the goodness of custard oats.  There enters the 3 ingredient banana-egg-oat pancake.  For the recipe click here – it’s such a simple breakfast.  Much less messy than oatmeal for little hands still learning to use a spoon.  I topped it off with a little melted coconut oil + it was also cooked in coconut oil… I’m a little obsessed with coconut oil right now, FYI.


I also sauteed some sliced apples in coconut oil + cinnamon, just to soften them up a little bit.  He ate all of the pancake + about half the apples.

Mid morning snack of (un-pictured) raisins after some play time at the library.


Lunch was a little bit of this and that.  Hunter finished off our pasta leftovers (whole wheat pasta with ground beef + tomato sauce and shredded zucchini) – he had about 3x the amount shown below.  Peas from the freezer, half an avocado and the rest of the cinnamon apples from breakfast.


Then while I was eating he wanted my black bean burger, so he had a few bites of it.  Wish I would have cooked up 2 for myself…


His afternoon nap only lasted about 1.5 hours… a bit too short.  He snacked on cheddar cheese + munched on a carrots – much too hard and big for him to actually eat, but he had fun with it.

By the time dinner rolled around he was a bit fussy from being awake longer than normal so it wasn’t the easiest.  However, it was the most delicious!  I roasted a ton of veggies: sweet potatoes, potatoes, beets, brussel sprouts, carrots and onions.  So so good + we had our favorite natural beef breakfast sausage.


It was a super simple dinner, and Hunter’s first time trying beets!  He ate all but about half the beets and half the sausage.

I’ve been going for simple a lot lately.  Lots of roasted veggies and trying to make more leftovers for easy lunches and dinners too.  It sure makes life easier!

Oh I should also mention, the food throwing we were dealing with last month was MUCH better now.  It still happens occasionally, but definitely not at every meal.

What’s your little one been munching on?  Do you have a favorite veggie you like to roast?

Thanks Brittany for hosting Munchkin Meals!  Check out her post for more kiddo meal ideas.







munchkin meals at 15 months

Today I’m sharing a look into a day of what Hunter eats now at 15 months.  The last time I shared his munchkin meals was when he was 8 months old.  Things have changed a bit now!  Thanks for hosting munchkin meals Brittany!


Breakfast (around 8am) almost always starts with custard oat or eggs.  Yesterday we went with eggs.  I scrambled chopped mushroom with 4 eggs and topped with shredded cheddar.  We split that in half, so Hunter had 2 eggs + a piece of whole wheat toast with a little butter and my low sugar blackberry jam.


After he ate that he still wanted some food so we split a bowl of applesauce from the canning weekend.  His way of asking for more is repeatedly chapping and saying ‘more more more’.  Pictured below. :)

He took a bit of a longer morning nap and woke around 12:45pm so lunch happened close to 1pm.  Leftover whole wheat pasta with mushrooms, onions, light tomato sauce and mozarella cheese, cottage cheese, a little bit of pork roast and halved grapes.

“Mom give me the fooooooood!”


He was a very happy boy. Messy with that spoon, but he had a good time.


This was all that was left after lunch.


About an hour later he kept asking for a banana (he could see them easily), so I plopped him in his chair and he ate 1.5 of them.  Guess he was still hungry!


Dinner happened around 5:30pm shortly after he woke from his afternoon nap.  Guess it was a double pasta day.  Whole wheat spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce, cheddar cheese cubes and the remaining half banana.


He ate all but a few tablespoons of the spaghetti, then after dinner had a few bites from my last piece of chocolate dutch baby.


The biggest thing we’re dealing with at this stage is Hunter throwing food.  He’s a great eater, but likes be defiant at times.  Yesterday was a really good day and he barely threw anything.  I’ve been lacking in offering vegetables since they were tough for me to eat during the early part of my pregnancy, but now that I’m doing better with them we need more veggies in our life.

Such a happy guy. :)


What’s your little one been eating lately?  How did you deal with food throwing?



Hunter: 10 months

My little baby Hunter is turning into such a kid!


This stage he is in now —- the crawling from room to room, chasing the cat around, pulling everything off shelves, leaving a whirlwind mess behind him, standing, stepping, smiling, and making funny faces stage —- is so much fun!  Every month it keeps getting better and better.  His independence is growing at a rapid rate.  He’s gotten so good at just playing by himself.  Even though he’s independent, he is still my little cuddler.  It just has to be on his terms.

His crawling is crazy fast.  He pulls up to stand in a second flat.  Now he’s also balancing and almost to the stage of taking a step.  Beginning on Sunday he started balancing, then moving one foot forward like he is about to step, but then he falls.  I bet this is going to be changing quickly.  Once the steps starts, the running begins!  I can just picture him running around screaming at the top of his lungs with a huge smile on his face.  Chasing after the cat of course.


One thing I haven’t really talked about are how the animals and Hunter along.  We have a dog, Joe, and cat, Stoner.  Joe’s a jealous kind of dog who likes attention, and for a while was not doing too well with Hunter.  Joes worries about Hunter when he cries, but then is annoyed by him at times.  Nothing ever happened between them, but he’d growl at Hunter.  Not okay.  Now he’s doing much better and will let Hunter pet him, pull on his tail and bounce on him.  When he doesn’t like it, he gets up and walks away.

Our cat Stoner, surprisingly does amazing with Hunter.  Hunter pets and pulls his fur, lays on top of him and chases after him.  Stoner will just lay there like nothing is happening, and then once he’s done being played with, he gets up and walks away.  Hunter then goes after him and he just keeps slowly walking away.  Not even like he’s trying to get away from Hunter, just like he’s deciding where he wants to lay down next.  Again, super impressive.


{{ Lindsay – Hunter LOVED your cheesy mexican quinoa :) }}

This month we dropped from 4-5 nursings to 2-3 a day.  The day I decided to try it out, Hunter instantly ate so much more food.  Makes sense, he’s a hungry boy!  He was already a good eater, and cutting the nursings to just 2-3 made him a great eater.

A typical day with his new nursing schedule:

  • When he first wakes in the morning (ranges from 5am-7am) I nurse him.  If he wakes before 6:30am I can typically put him back to bed for another hour or two of sleep.
  • After he’s up for the day, breakfast is usually around 8am.
  • He takes a morning nap, then lunch happens anywhere after that from 11am-noon.
  • If he’s going to nurse again, it’s an hour or so after lunch.  Usually I will if he’s fussy, but if he’s fine I’ll just pump.
  • After his afternoon nap I feed him a snack, typically around 3:30-4pm.
  • Dinner is anywhere from 5:30-6pm, and then a final nursing session at 7pm before we get into our bedtime routine.

The average hours of sleep a night –> 12.5.  I love that.  He’ll be asleep around 7:45-8pm, and then wake for the day between 7:45-8:15am.  Typically.  Sometimes it’s less, but usually not more.  The boy likes his nighttime sleep.  Naps, not so much.  He takes two a day, and they are between 20-45 minutes.  Short and effective I guess!


With the nicer bit of weather we’ve had (yup past tense there as I look out at the rain) I’ve been trying to get us outside more.  He does really well sitting and playing on a blanket in the front yard while I get a bit of weeding in.  Sticks help to entertain the kid.

Swinging with his BFF is a fav still, and just getting to play with Mabel in general.  He crawls all over her now and is definitely more rough than he used to be before he was crawling around.


Hunter still has no teeth, and no real signs of teething lately.  A-okay with me!  I wonder when his fuzzy blonde hair will fill in?

How many hours a night do you sleep?  Has it changed over time?  Like for me, before Hunter I typically slept for 6-7 hours a night and felt great.  Now?  I feel a bit tired on 7 and function better on 8 hours.  9 hours makes for a great day. :)