Zoe: 6 months

Hello!  Time to blog again and share about Zoe!


Poor girl got skipped out on her 4th and 5th month updates.  #secondchildproblems.  But now she’s 6 months and definitely changing!  First, a look through how she’s grown month by month.



1 month


2 months


3 months


4 months


5 months


6 months



Nursing is still going wonderfully.  During the day she nurses 5 times, then 0-2 times during the night.  She nurses at pretty consist times each day (give or take about 30 minutes): 7am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm and 7:30pm.  If she wakes (which she normally does) it’s at midnight and/or 4am.

I had my first night away from her this past weekend and she did great taking bottles.  We had to work hard to get her to take them without trouble, but now she’s a champ.  The key was a very warm bottle.  Picky little one!


We’ve started having her at the table with us and beginning to taste foods.  We’re going to use the baby led weaning method again since it worked so well with Hunter, so instead of spoon feeding, we just give her soft big pieces (to start) of food.  So far she’s tasted (but not really eaten) figs, strawberries, pineapple (3 favorites), avocado, banana, steamed carrot, cucumber, roasted yam and chicken.  Pretty much whatever we have that’s soft enough for her to gum is fair game!

At her 6 month check up she weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces, in the 10th percentile for weight and I can’t remember her height but she was just about 50th percentile.  She’s going to be a slender little girl I bet.



Her wake time is so much fun!  She’s one happy girl and is rarely fussy.  If she is sad there’s normally a reason – tired, hungry or poopy.  She is now rolling from back to belly, and has just a couple times rolled the other way.  She’ll sit by herself unsupported, but eventually falls over.


Books are a favorite, as is her brother.  She thinks he is the funniest kid ever.  He is pretty funny. :)


I switched her diapering system about a month ago to prefolds and covers and have been so much happier.  We were having major leaking issues and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Good diapers make for a happy mama.

She is a total thumb sucker.  As I’m typing this she’s laying in her boppy about to fall asleep sucking on her thumb.  It’s pretty stinking cute.



Even though I haven’t shared about her sleep in the past few months, it’s been pretty consistent for a while.  And the consistency is that it’s all over the place.  Sometimes she sleeps through the night, sometimes she wakes once or twice.  I’m thankful that from the get go she’s put herself to sleep, so that’s not an issue, just that when she wakes at night she doesn’t really go back to sleep by herself.

One big change is that Hunter and Zoe started to share a room about a month ago.  But she’s really only been in there half the time.  She is SO loud when she wakes, that Hunter really wasn’t getting the best sleep even if he wasn’t actively waking.  I could tell from his behavior and also him telling me that he was tired shortly after waking.  And to add in, our bedroom shares a wall with the kid’s room, so when she’s crying it is majorly loud.  We’ve been having her switch between her crib in their room and the pack n play on the other floor to give everyone some better sleep.  I’m thinking she’ll be in the pack in play until she is consistently sleeping through the night again.

This too shall pass… and then I might drink less coffee. ;)

She naps 3 times a day: 2 short 30-40 minute naps around 10am and 12:30pm, then a longer 1.5-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon around 2:30pm.


That’s the latest with our happy little girlie.  We just love her so.  And her wild hair, please stay crazy forever.

What were your kids’ favorite first foods?

Happy days!


PS: I’m hoping and planning to get back into blogging more frequently than every couple of weeks!  I’ve had so much I want to share, I just never get around to actually sitting down at the computer.

PSS: Read more of Zoe’s past updates on her page!


Zoe: 3 months

Hello!  Popping in on a Saturday while the rest of the house naps.

First up, how did we get so lucky with this crazy hair? My SIL thought I styled it like this, but it’s just her God given hair style. #fauxhawkforlife


I’m going to switch up this monthly update with a new format to see how I like it. Lindsay posted her cute lil guy’s 1 month update with three sections: eat-wake-sleep, and since we follow babywise as well, I’m going to steal the idea.



Zoe’s still a great nurser, however, she’s been turning into a bit more of a snacker lately. I’ll cover that more in the sleep section, but right now she nursed between 7-10 times throughout the day/night. Around 12 weeks she went through a growth spurt and was nursing more… and then it’s just continued on. Normally she nurses on both breasts, but lately she’s been getting much more distracted and will refuse the second side, turning it from a meal to a snack.  She’s taken bottles well, until the past couple days she’s decided against wanting them.  I’m hoping for the sake of my sitters it’s just a phase.



Little lady loves looking and smiling at people. Herself included. I’ll be holding her and walk into the bathroom and when she sees herself she gets an instant smile on her face.

She happily plays on her playmat or chills in the boppy.  She just loves watching Hunter, especially when he gets into the jumper, which we brought back into the house thinking she’d be able to use it soon.  She still needs to grow a few more inches before she can touch the ground.  Hunter has majorly outgrown it, but he still loves it.

She’s beginning to try and roll over!  That bottom arm gets in the way, but she’s shown an interest, so we’ll see if by next month I’ll have that to share.


Generally she has a super easy and happy disposition. She got a couple shots last Friday which made her super sad (probably her saddest day in her life) and for a few days after she was more fussy.  Now she’s back to her happy self.

One of my favorite things to do is sit with her at the bottom of the stairs.  Hunter jumps off the bottom 2 steps and she just laughs and laughs.  It’s so adorable.



I felt so lucky when she started sleeping big stretches at 6 weeks.  I got so used to my sleep, but then at 12 weeks she began waking up every other night one to two times a night.  Sometimes she’d want to nurse, sometimes she’d just take a paci and go back to sleep.  Then it turned into every night nursing, up once or twice.  This last week I had so many days when I’d be up 3+ times a night… almost every hour.  Those days were super rough!  She’s been breaking out of her swaddle basically every time, so last night I decided to put her to bed unswaddled.  She went to sleep well, but still woke up at 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30am to nurse.  Even though she still woke, I feel like it’s going to get better.  At least I hope so. :) I’ve been really working on keeping distractions at bay while nursing her, which means less talking to people while she eats so I’m hoping if she gets used to bigger daytime meals she’ll need less milk at night again.

Zoe will put herself to sleep, unswaddled and without a paci.  So thankful!  She tends to get more mad when I try to give her the paci and is generally really good about falling asleep on her own.  Her naps last anywhere from 45 minutes – 2 hours.


Here’s a general look at her 3 month schedule, which of course can vary daily.

7:30-8:30am wake for the day and nurse then playtime
8:30-10:30am nap
10:30-11:45am nurse then playtime
11:45am-12:30pm nap
12:45-2pm nurse then playtime
2-3:30pm nap
3:30-5:30pm nurse then playtime
5:30-6:15pm nap
6:30pm nurse then playtime
8:15-9pm nurse
9pm put to bed
Night waking 2-3 times. Will nurse then right back to sleep.

If any mamas want to shed light on this sleeping switch I am all ears. I know it’ll pass… I just miss my good sleep. :)

Have a great weekend! I’ve got my detailed grocery haul coming up on Monday!



Zoe: 1 month

Happy Friday! It’s just about weekend time, yay!

My little Zoe turned 1 month old on Wednesday. I am amazed by how quickly time is flying by. Time for her update!

First, a look at her the day she was born…


Zoe already seems more grown up than just a couple weeks ago. When she is awake, she’s bright eyed and super alert. During the daytime she has more happy awake time.  She loves just looking around at everything going on. Evenings are when she pretty much needs to be held and consoled the whole time she’s awake.


Here’s what her schedule looks like (for the most part) at a month. It still varies a bit daily.

7:30am nurse then awake time
9am nap
10:15am nurse then awake time
11:30am nap
12:30pm nurse then pretty much right away down for a long nap
4:30pm nurse then awake time
6pm nap (hopefully)
6:45pm nurse then awake time
8-10:30pm (or later sometimes) swaddled for bed, on/off asleep in my arms and nursing all evening
1:30am wakes, nurses on one side then back to bed
4-4:30am wakes, nurses on one side then back to bed
6am wakes… I try to get her back to sleep a bit (which is tough). Usually I try the paci + having her sleep with me, or I nurse her then and have her sleep in bed

I’ve really been focusing on the eat-wake-sleep cycle like I did with Hunter too. Fingers crossed she sleeps through the night early like he did!


Sleep is such a big thing for me. Not just my sleep but Zoe’s too. From about 2 weeks on I really made a focus of trying to put her down for naps awake and having her fall asleep on her own. About half the time is works. She may cry a few minutes, but then drifts into sleep. Sometimes she just isn’t having it and has to be rocked to sleep. I do notice when I rock her to sleep, almost instantly when I lay her down, she wakes and the rocking continues again. So much easier when she falls asleep on her own! Plus she actually gets a good nap in.


She’s started to make more eye contact and watches Hunter more, which I love. I think Hunter will be a big source of entertainment for her. He just loves his baby sister so much and I foresee him making her giggle all the time.


She took her first bottle like a champ this week. I’ve been pumping during her long afternoon nap to slowly get a little supply built up in the freezer. And it sure is slow. I’m lucky if I pump out 2 ounces!


She’s been in newborn cloth diapers for a couple weeks now and wears a disposable at night. While she mostly still wears newborn clothes (which are definitely getting more snug), I’ve been incorporating 0-3 month clothes too!

Nicknames: Zo-Zo. Z, Zoe-tree

Likes: being held, baths, being swaddled, lights, sitting upright

Dislikes: being changed, tummy time, car seat (unless she’s asleep)


That’s all I can think of right now! She’s such a sweet little girl. I just love giving her cute face kisses.

Jacob and I are having our first kid free date night tonight!

Have a great weekend!