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naturally sweet chocolate avocado pudding

naturally sweet chocolate avocado pudding

I love a good sweet treat, but it’s even better when my body is left feeling good after eating it too.  I really dislike the highs and lows sugar does to my body so when I can, I try and limit my consumption.  This chocolate […]

healthy peanut butter banana soft serve

healthy peanut butter banana soft serve

It’s been an oddly hot summer here in Washington.  Although we have 90 degrees predicted for this weekend, fall is definitely in the air.  I can start to feel a change in season.   I want to do yard work again, yay!  While browsing through some […]

banana custard oats how-to

I had a realization.  I talk about my favorite banana custard oats breakfast all the time, yet it’s not here to link to.  The horror!  Truth is, I’ve been having a tough time sharing breakfast recipes, mainly because it’s still super dark outside when I’m […]

baby’s first smash cake {healthy no sugar banana cake}

baby’s first smash cake {healthy no sugar banana cake}

Well hi!  I feel like I’ve been away from my little bloggie for a while now.  The weekend went by in a zoom at BodyCombat training.  Whoa.  Remember when I went through BodyPump training?  That seemed like nothing compared to this. Thankfully, I PASSED my […]

{moist} whole wheat banana bread

If there’s one thing we always have in the house, it’s egg (okay and peanut butter). I’m totally egg obsessed. I eat them sweet (in my custard oats!), savory in scrambles and sandwiches, or even just hard boiled by themselves. Eggs really are one of […]

Bright Beet and Banana Smoothie

Today turned out to be another bright and cheery day.  The sunshine always makes me smile.  Must be that extra Vitamin D Washington doesn’t see too often. We ended up going away Friday and Saturday night to the lake house.  It was once again total […]

Chocolate Delivered

Do you wake up craving chocolate first thing in the morning?  I can’t say that I haven’t.  It’s a truth.  I love adding cocoa or carob to my breakfast.  Just another way to start the day out sweet.   Cocoa.Coconut.Peanut Butter.Banana.Unsweetened Dark Chocolate.Custard Oats. Don’t […]

Coconut banana buckwheat pancakes (gluten free) and a plant based diet

Recently I picked up a package of buckwheat flour.  I had pancakes on my mind and made a quick and easy pancake recipe with them.  My first batch did not turn out tasty.  They were bland and dry.  I was a bit disappointed to say the […]