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the beginnings of our bradley method class

Jacob and I are 4 weeks into our Bradley Method class. Seems like a good time to share what we’ve learned so far + what it’s all about. I did promise after all! At our first class we received our Bradley Method student workbook + […]

my pregnancy: week 31

My brain has been all over the place this week. The closer and closer we get to May 25th, the more excited and anxious I get. Anxious in a good motivated-to-get-things-done kinda way. I still have yet to share the decor plan for the nursery, […]

facing my big pregnancy fear

I’ve mentioned my fear with pregnancy before – labor. And really it’s the fear of the unknown. How will my body react? What will the pain be like? Can I do it? The unknown is scary! While I can read tons of birth stories and […]