crusty no-knead dutch oven bread

I absolutely love baking bread now that I’ve gotten into a good rhythm of it.  Weekly I bake up 3 loaves of soft wheat sandwich bread, and throughout the week I’ve been making this crazy simple no-knead crusty bread I’m sharing with you today.  All it takes is some forethought the morning of, or the […]

homemade soft wheat sandwich bread

It’s Friday, hooray!  I always look forward to the weekend – more time with the hubs, sleeping in on Saturday and just a general relaxed feeling knowing I don’t have to leave the house at a certain time.  We have our 36 week midwife appointment coming up this afternoon.  I think we’ll find out if […]

no kneed crusty artisan bread {learn from my mistakes}

I’ve made a lot of bread in my life, but nothing remotely fancy. Not crusty. Not artisan. Not really bread my husband likes, so I end up eating all of it. I tend to get stuck on the whole wheat bread thing.  If I’m going to make it whole wheat, it needs to be 100%.  […]

A Chocolate Twist

Back to the daily grind, huh?  Monday’s always show up too quickly.  Can’t we just have one more day?  I think I need one more day to recover… I am still very sore from the workout. My Sunday was fantastic.  Minus one thing.  It rained ALL day!  My parents brought over the pressure washer for […]

Processed foods I buy

The majority of the foods I eat I make from scratch.  It’s an easy task when I’m prepared with fruits and vegetables in the fridge, meats in the freezer and grains and beans in the cupboard.  Even though I make a lot, I don’t make everything I eat.  There just isn’t enough time in the day.  Here’s […]

Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes A Day (Book Review)

A while back I tried to bake a loaf of bread or rolls each week.  I love having fresh, homemade breads in the house.  Even though I tend to eat way more than I need to it is still something I cherish having.  The breads I like to bake are whole grain and filled with good […]


I found this recipe for 100% whole wheat bread and knew I had to try it out.  I loved the addition of flax seeds, flax meal, rolled oats, sesame seeds, quinoa and sunflower seeds that were in the whole wheat flour base.  The recipe also called for vital wheat gluten, something I’d never used before. After doing some research […]