peanut butter swirl brownies


Peanut butter and chocolate.  Is there a better pairing?  The answer is no.  I hope you love these two together as much as I do, because then you’ll love these peanut butter swirl brownies too! A sweet treat to finish out the even sweeter weekend we had.  Between a Friday night date night at the […]

naturally sweet chocolate avocado pudding


I love a good sweet treat, but it’s even better when my body is left feeling good after eating it too.  I really dislike the highs and lows sugar does to my body so when I can, I try and limit my consumption.  This chocolate avocado pudding, which is sweetened naturally with ripe bananas, does […]

old fashioned chocolate cake + lick the bowl good cookbook giveaway

Calling all cake lovers!  This should include the majority of people, right?  Well, except my brother in law who a little odd when it comes to cake.  Silly, silly Peter. Recently I received a copy of the cookbook Lick The Bowl Good, written by Monica Holland, who is also the food blogger behind Lick the […]

peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites (aka chickpea cookies)

During those first couple days of potty training I planned for us to stay home.  We barely even went outside, except for a couple trips to the front yard for some fresh air.  I wanted to plan some special activities to take advantage of our home time. Of course, we read hundreds of books.  Books […]

rich chocolate pudding

I’ve been a sweet-aholic this pregnancy.  Actually, I’ve gone through a few different craving stages – bacon, honey whole wheat toast with butter, cereal, and now anything sweet.  Chocolate being one of my favorites.  It was no surprise to myself that when selecting a recipe from my secret recipe club pick, I headed straight to […]

prevention RD's everyday healthy cooking cookbook review + giveaway!

Happy weekend all!  How has yours been going?  We’ve had a pretty mellow weekend so far, a nice change from being away from home weekend after weekend.  The most we did yesterday was go out to sushi with my brother, sister, nephew and niece and then just relax at their place.   It was Hunter’s first […]

irresistible chocolate brownie cake or muffins

How about we start Friday off right with a chocolately treat?  Sounds good to me!  This cake, or the muffins (depending on what you bake in) are seriously irresistible.  SO SO SOOO good that you might be kind of surprised that there’s healthy stuff in it. Like sweet potato puree, whole wheat flour and olive […]