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my DIYed christmas

Hey, long time no blog!  How have you been?  I’ve been enjoying all the extra wonderful family time this Christmas season, which sadly came to an end yesterday.  Now that presents have been unwrapped, I can show you some of the gifts I DIYed!  Pinterest […]

merry christmas 2013

Just popping in for a quick minute to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Are you all ready for tomorrow?  Or tonight if Christmas Eve is the main event?  I still have a few presents to finish wrapping and homemade gifts to complete.  Luckily […]

hunter's stocking sneak peak + more toddler stocking stuffer ideas

Hello!  Hope you enjoyed the little apple pie treats I shared yesterday. If you missed them, be sure to check em out.

Christmas is officially 8 days away – yikes!  We still have one gift not figured out, many gifts to still arrive in the mail (I’ve been loving amazon this year) and many gifts to make.  Procrastinate much Heather?  Yeah….

Thankfully we have Hunter all finished up, including his stocking!  Last year at 7 months he wasn’t too into Christmas or his stocking, but I think he’ll be a bit more pumped about it this year.

I wanted to fill his stocking with treats that I knew he’d love, but not junk food candy.  Also useful gifts he’d be excited about that won’t just turn into junky clutter I want to ban to the attic or garbage.

Speaking of his stocking, how ADORABLE is this cross stitch snowmen stocking my aunt Arneta made for Hunter?!  Just had to share.


Okay, back to it.  Here’s what we’re planning to fill his stocking with + some other great toddler stocking stuffer ideas!


  • Mini boxes of raisins
  • Clementines AKA cuties
  • Fruit/veggie pouches

Raisins are his favorite thing ever.  He’s been chowing down on cuties like crazy lately and I love hearing him ask for ‘oranges, oranges, more more oranges peeez!’.  Fruit/veggies pouches are a special treat – they really are only given in emergencies when I have nothing else on hand and we’re out.


  • 3 mini wood music instruments
  • Forks

I found the instruments for $1 each in the dollar bins at target.  Fun and cute! I stole the fork idea from Brittany – like her we have tons of spoons, but only one fork.

I wrapped the ‘fun’ things up and will keep the treats unwrapped.

More toddler stocking stuffer ideas

  • Itty bitty undies
  • Socks
  • Small board books (actually, I’ll probably get a couple from the $1 bin at target)
  • Little toy animals
  • Play dough
  • Balls
  • Mini flashlight (Hunter LOVES playing with flashlights – another $1 bin idea from target!)
  • Flash cards
  • Hat and/or mittens
  • Little cars/hot wheels

Are you and your family into stockings?  What are some favorite toddler stocking stuffers?  I’m not planning on adding anything else, but if an idea is super good I might not be able to pass it up.  :)


PS: only a few more days to enter the Lick The Bowl Clean giveaway!

toddler activities: fingerprint christmas tree gift tags

Happy Wednesday all!  Hope yours is going well.  I’m finally feeling better for the most part and our house is slowly on the mend too.  It’s my hope that we get a Christmas tree tonight and begin putting up some Christmas decorations.  Christmas is just […]

We Did It!

We Did It!

Christmas is now officially over I had such a great weekend spending time with family, playing games and of course giving and receiving presents!  My hubby and aunts/uncles both outfitted me to continue running in the burrr cold weather. I look pretty fast right? On […]

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!!  Well Christmas eve right now :)

My run went great this afternoon– 9.25 miles in 91 minutes.  Barely any pain… thanks Vancouver Chiropractic!

I’ll be away for the weekend so no more updates until Monday.  I’ll have a roasted red pepper hummus recipe for you then too!

Here’s the exercise I’d like to get in, but ya never know what might come up when away from home.

Friday:  50 minutes of yoga
Saturday:  20-30 minute run
Sunday:  100 push ups!

The move of the day for tomorrow is the jumping jack.  Yes, quite basic but with the jumping jack you can really get a good quick cardio burst in.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get to spend quality time with loved ones.

8 Minute Miles… I Wish

8 Minute Miles… I Wish

Is it really Sunday already?  Time is just flying by way too fast.  Yesterday was hurry hurry hurry.  My mom and I had a 6 mile run with CCRC.  Well, we thought it was 6 miles and ran it in 48 minutes –  that’s 8 […]