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day in the life: alone with two kids

Yesterday it was just me and the kiddos. It had been a glorious 2.5 weeks having Jacob home, but sadly he had to go back to work. Both Jacob and Hunter were sick over the weekend, so going into Monday I wasn’t sure how it […]

day in life {photo an hour}

6:00am I’ve been awake long enough to have coffee ready, hubby’s breakfast and lunch packed and my breakfast of oatmeal beginning to cook on the stove.  6am is typically when I kiss Jacob goodbye and slowly start my morning. 7:00am Getting close to finishing a […]

a day in the life with a 3 month old

My day typically starts before Hunter wakes for the day. Typically.  Although my alarm was set for 6am, I snoozed until 6:45am. Some days I’m just super tired.  6:45am was the latest I could manage sleeping till leaving me enough time to make coffee + […]

a day in the life with a 2 month old

7:45am My alarm goes off and I wake up to the animals.  They try to trick me into getting a second breakfast, but I’m not fooled. Hunter’s still sleeping soundly, arms out of his swaddle. Make coffee. Mmmmm coffee.  Make breakfast: cocoa banana custard oats […]

a day in the life with a 1 month old

Yesterday Hunter turned 1 month old, so I thought it would be fun to capture what a day with the little guy is like. 6:15am wake up to Hunter whimpering. Try to get him to sleep a bit more but he resists. He’s hungry so […]