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sewing lately: 11.8.13

Happy Friday!  I’m quite excited for the weekend.  Not really for anything in particular, just more time with the hubs who’s been working a lot more this week and maybe some sleeping in (Hunter’s finally back to a normal wake up time after the time […]

DIY rope basket

Good morning! How are you guys doing?  It’s pretty swell over here. Yesterday I was forced to stay at home.  Turned out to be a great thing.  You see, I wanted to teach my two Monday morning classes, but had to find subs.  I wanted […]

from baby to dad ~ 10 homemade father's day gift ideas

Father’s day is right around the corner.  Like, hello weekend, hi it’s Father’s day.  This is Jacob’s second Father’s day.  Last year I began growing 3 types of hops for him, and they are actually still growing well!  This year, Hunter will be giving Jacob […]

make it monday: baby's first year wall art

Well hello….  I’ve been kind of MIA lately with the busyness of getting ready for Hunter’s first birthday party and just things around the house.  His party came and went in a flash yesterday and I took absolutely zero pictures during the party!  Thankfully my […]

make it monday: homemade natural cleaners

Good morning! I cannot believe Hunter’s birthday party is less than 1 week away.  I am such a procrastinator… other than cleaning up the house a bit and yard work, I have not gotten to too much prepping.  In the decor department I’ve almost finished […]

make it monday: DIY fancy door or window molding

Hello and happy Make it Monday!  My little man Hunter woke up sick early this morning :(, so instead of getting this post out a bit earlier, mommy duty called and it is here now, during afternoon nap time. I hope you all got to […]

out with the new, in with the old

Our home turns 100 this year!  Yay!  Yup, it was build in 1913.  Five years ago we bought it and I thought it would be sooooooo long until it turned 100… guess time flies when you’re having fun. We love our old house.  The main […]

make it monday: DIY seed starters

I wouldn’t call myself a gardener.  Not the slightest.  But I desperately want to be one.  When I look at beautifully groomed and blossoming gardens, I want to dig them up (boxes and all!) and transplant them to my house.  And then for the actual […]

DIY cork board

There’s something inspiring about a craft store.  Specifically, JoAnns.  I walk in with just one thing I ‘quickly’ need to pick up… haha, quickly in a craft store.  I find whatever it is, then wander the aisles thinking of all these awesome projects I could […]

holiday crafting and gift ideas

Good morning! How’s your weekend been? We have a quiet Sunday ahead. Church then just spending time together at home as a little family. We may even pull the Christmas decorations out of the attic. It’s almost time to get them up! I spent a […]