a blessed feeling

These past few weeks, really months, have been a mixture of excitement, let down and comfort.

Excitement for Jacob’s new full time job. He began it a week and a half ago and already loves every minute of it. It’s a blessing we’ve been praying for.  He’s been working to move from his previous part time job to full time for a very long time now. It wasn’t until we really began getting connected back with God through a new church and care group a few months ago that we really were able to just let it be and rely on God. It was tough, but ultimately He has control over what happens.

There were many months of let down leading up to this. Jobs applied for and denied, interviews gone to with no job offer and the scary feeling of not knowing what our future holds was really tough. Tough for Jacob and tough for me to see him go through it.

Then after a week of multiple interviews, Jacob being sought out by a great company and offered multiple jobs, the comfort set in. He got the job. Every day he comes home excited with great things to tell me.

Plus he just looks so good dressed up. :)

The comfort of knowing he’ll be able to be the provider for us once Hunter gets here is a relief, for both of us. It’s what he wants, what I want and obviously what God wants too, since he made this happen for us.

We just feel continuously blessed with everything He’s doing for us, not only in our outside lives, but inside both of us too.

What have you been blessed with lately?