garden tour + life lately


Hello! I wanted to pop in for a quick minute and share where our garden is at, and also a bit of what we’ve been up to lately.  Life has been full of fun and so much beautiful sun.  I just love every minute we can get outside.  The kids and I have gone strawberry […]

Super Day + Bondi Band Giveaway!

Normally I’m singing the Monday blues, but not this time.  Yesterday was s.u.p.e.r! It start out with a 4 mile run.  Joe and I tackled a route we’ve done so many times.  He stopped to pee a lot, like expected, and I refreshed my legs at each stop. I ran in my new Bondi Band.  […]

Back Home And Back To My Garden

My lack of posts can only mean one thing.  I was gone!  Three days away from home on a lake surrounded by really tall trees is a nice place to be.  But I always love coming home. I hoped to come home to nice weather so I could spend some time cleaning up and weeding […]

Garden Update

Over the weekend I didn’t workout, but I sure am sore!  Between Friday, Saturday and a little bit on Sunday Jacob and I spent 6+ hours out in the yard. Friday I finally got my garden going.  I’d been neglecting it for long enough now.  About half of my starters I planted died.  I think […]

Meet The Kids

Wow April 1st already!  It’s here so quickly. Yesterday was a beautiful day.  I could not believe the sun we had here.  During my morning break walk there were a few sprinkles, but my the afternoon it was warm and sunny.  I even had to take my jacket off.  Love that! I took Thursday as […]

Garden Fever

Joe’s a bit tired.  He should be.  We ran 5.9 miles yesterday! The original plan was to join my friend Mechele for a 7 mile run with her marathon training group.  Well after staying up a bit later than planned Saturday night I though a long run coupled with too little sleep would be a […]

Breath like an onion

This year I made sure to plan better and start my garden on time.  So far we have enjoyed sugar snap peas, spinach, swiss chard, a bit of broccoli, onions, carrots, beets and tomatoes.  I planted 3 tomato plants this year.  All 3 were starters when I got them which made keeping them alive much […]