sweet n salty olive oil granola

Good morning! Sleeping in until 6:30am this morning was glorious.  Yup that sure is sleeping in for me.    No work for 5 more days!  My thoughts on twitter last night about that… I’m hoping Hunter knows how to listen to his mama.  I actually had a dream about what he looked like last night.  […]

Weekend Reads

It’s been a productive morning around here so far.  Yesterday on my drive home from work I started writing out a weekend to-do list (while I was stopped of course!).  I just love to-do lists.  Some people don’t, but I love em.  It feels so good to cross of items, and especially if I get […]

Cinnamon-Coconut Crunch Spent Grain Granola

I just don’t know what to do with myself.  You see… I’ve got a problem.  I have all this granola on hand.  6 cups to be exact. It’s a vicious cycle really.  Jacob brews beer.  Jacob saves spent grain for me.  I make chocolate chip spent grain granola.  Or now cinnamon-coconut crunch spent grain granola […]

Fitting Sweets In All Day Long

It’s no secret that I love sweets.  Usually I eat something chocolaty after dinner.  It’s the perfect way to end the day. My most recent obsession has been deconstructed chocolate covered raisins.  It’s very simple, really.  Add some dark chocolate chunks. Next add at least double the amount of raisins. Eat a chocolate chunk with […]

Kitchen prep time and crunchy granola

Happy Easter! This morning and part of yesterday I spent the day working on a challenge:  Nicole’s  DO what you DON’T challenge for April.  I’ve challenged myself to spent 1-2 hours each Sunday prepping my food for the upcoming week to make my meal making easier and quicker.  Let’s see how I did…. Prepped and began marinading […]