raw liver: why I added it into my diet along with a raw liver smoothie recipe


I am fully aware that some of you will pass on reading this post, which is totally okay!  I know the thought of eating liver totally grossed some people out, so feel free to skip back and look at cute picture of my kids –> here.  But for those of you that are intrigued, as […]

{refreshing} green orange mango banana smoothie

I’m so sad our weather forecast looks like this… Boo rain! For so many days we had warm weather and sunshine.  But, I guess in Washington I should know it won’t last long.  It is only May after all. While I don’t look forward to the rain much, I do look forward to this week. […]

my big green triple chocolate smoothie

Can you believe we’re back at another Monday… again?! Not me. This weekend FLEW by (I feel like I say that every weekend). The downstairs bathroom remodel is 95% done — this meant I got to shower in it again this morning! Pictures to come in a day or two. The weather was absolutely gorgeous […]

green smoothies for the week

I’m not one for new years resolutions. I’m really not big into monthly goals, although sometimes I do find them really helpful. I’m big into just doing something when I want to. I don’t need to wait for a certain day to start it up. the new year on Monday tomorrow I make a  list, […]

Creamy Green Smoothie + A {Str}awesome Monday Morning Giveaway!

This weather is crazy.  Yesterday, picture this: sunshine, blue skies and mid-80s.  A beautiful sky to end the day with. Today.  Rain + thunder and lightning?!  Yuck not what I want to go running in.  Poor Joe was so scared of it he crawled into the bath tub. Yesterday was a big day around here.  […]

Green Smoothie Fail

Not every smoothie is a success like yesterday’s bright and vibrant beet and banana smoothie.  If you like beets then you must give it a try! The success of that smoothie followed the downward spiral of another. I had an intense urge to try both kale and spirulina together in a smoothie.  I figured that […]