the cost of real food + five tips to save more money


Does eating real food cost more than the typical standard american diet (SAD)?  The short answer: yes it does.  The long answer you’ll get below: it doesn’t have to.  For me, I definitely have some room for improvement. Today I’m going to share what our budget for food looks like, plus my goals for where […]

productivity + weekly grocery shopping

By 7am today I had… made a batch of PB chocolate chip granola bars ran a load of dishes hand washed dishes and even put them away cleaned the sink and toilet in the upstairs bathroom with new homemade cleaner, which I also made this morning pressure cooked a batch of chickpeas Then by 9am […]

A Chocolate Twist

Back to the daily grind, huh?  Monday’s always show up too quickly.  Can’t we just have one more day?  I think I need one more day to recover… I am still very sore from the workout. My Sunday was fantastic.  Minus one thing.  It rained ALL day!  My parents brought over the pressure washer for […]