zoe’s smash cake


Unlike Hunter’s first birthday (read about his vintage newspaper theme here), Zoe’s first birthday was pretty mellow. Instead of having lots of friends and family over we kept it super simple and just invited to grandparents over for dinner and cake. Before we ate Zoe opened a few presents. She is a master at standing […]

peanut butter pumpkin snack bread


Hello!  How’s it going?  I hope your weekend is ending on a good note.  We had a mellow Sunday since most of us actually woke up feeling crummy.  Saturday was a fun day, especially for the boys.  Jacob and Hunter had a father-son day that included a ho scale model train show in Portland and […]

almond blueberry pie bars

Hello! Hope your weekend has been filled with lots of fun and good food.  My cooking lately has been limited to breakfast and a little bit of baking.  We’ve had so many friends and family members bring us dinner, along with the freezer meals I prepped have left me not having to make dinner… although […]

apple pie wonton turnovers

Hello!  How was your weekend?  We had a pretty mellow one here, which was perfect right before all the crazy busy holiday activities begin.  The weather was a bit chilly and wet, but that didn’t stop Hunter and I from having some fun at the park one morning. Yes, that’s a wet backside.  The slide […]

peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites (aka chickpea cookies)

During those first couple days of potty training I planned for us to stay home.  We barely even went outside, except for a couple trips to the front yard for some fresh air.  I wanted to plan some special activities to take advantage of our home time. Of course, we read hundreds of books.  Books […]

{overnight} whole wheat sweet potato cinnamon rolls

Today was Sunday cinnamon roll day in our house.  It’s not a normal thing, so it was pretty special.  I started them the day before, and let the final rise happen overnight.  My hope was to wake up a bit before everyone and have them in the oven so when the house was awake cinnamon […]

irresistible chocolate brownie cake or muffins

How about we start Friday off right with a chocolately treat?  Sounds good to me!  This cake, or the muffins (depending on what you bake in) are seriously irresistible.  SO SO SOOO good that you might be kind of surprised that there’s healthy stuff in it. Like sweet potato puree, whole wheat flour and olive […]

chocolate chip coconut zucchini bread

Now that’s a big zucchini! For the past couple weeks I’ve received so many zucchinis in my CSA, including that honker up there. It was so big, I knew it wouldn’t be for eating. Once zucchinis get pretty large they get kind of seedy and not as tasty for eating on their own. But if […]

MY oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Growing up I always loved one cookie in particular that my mom would make – peanut butter chocolate no bake cookies.  There’s something about them that I just can’t resist.  All no bakes are good, but hers are the best.  Still to this day they’re my favorite. Jacob’s favorite without a doubt are his mom’s […]