the cost of real food + five tips to save more money


Does eating real food cost more than the typical standard american diet (SAD)?  The short answer: yes it does.  The long answer you’ll get below: it doesn’t have to.  For me, I definitely have some room for improvement. Today I’m going to share what our budget for food looks like, plus my goals for where […]

baby steps to a real food lifestyle: start with a cooked breakfast


Over the years my way of eating has changed a lot.  My view on what a healthy diet is has changed a lot too.  In the past I thought low-fat or “diet foods” were what was good for me.  The media tells you that, so you know it’s true, right?!  Ummmm no.  At least not […]

healthy eating struggles + ips prize pack giveaway

Lately I’ve been struggling with making healthy food choices.  It’s been a few weeks now, pretty much ever since we went camping.  I even tried my hardest to prepare healthy snacks to take and meals to eat.  And for the most part I did good when we were on the campsite with the foods I […]