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It’s been an oddly hot summer here in Washington.  Although we have 90 degrees predicted for this weekend, fall is definitely in the air.  I can start to feel a change in season.   I want to do yard work again, yay!  While browsing through some pictures from a few months ago I came across our […]

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Thank you everyone who chimmed in on yesterday’s pumping and milk supply talk!  All the great tips, advice and hearing how it went for other mamas was appreciated. One thing that’s surprised me since having a baby is the amount of TV I’ve been watching.  It’s crazy since I used to never watch TV on […]

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Good morning! Sleeping in until 6:30am this morning was glorious.  Yup that sure is sleeping in for me.    No work for 5 more days!  My thoughts on twitter last night about that… I’m hoping Hunter knows how to listen to his mama.  I actually had a dream about what he looked like last night.  […]

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Can you believe we’re back at another Monday… again?! Not me. This weekend FLEW by (I feel like I say that every weekend). The downstairs bathroom remodel is 95% done — this meant I got to shower in it again this morning! Pictures to come in a day or two. The weather was absolutely gorgeous […]

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I gotta say, I’m surprised there are those of you out there that aren’t big cake fans! I know a couple people that don’t really like cake, and I always think it’s odd. I guess I’m picky with my cake.  Usually it’s too sweet sweet for me, especially store bought cake with that thick frosting. […]

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Good morning! Hope your Wednesday is starting out great. We’re halfway through the week folks! Remember that chocolate avocado pudding I posted last week? Well, since avocados have been such a steal lately (69 cents each!), I stocked up and have been making a batch almost every night. I’m trying to cut it in half […]

chocolate avocado pudding

Why hello there. After a weekend away from my computer, it’s sure nice to be back! Less computer time meant more cleaning time. Wwwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyy?!?!?! Somehow weekends always turn into a big cleaning fest over here. How is it that my house needs to be clean every-single-weekend? Are we really that messy (yes I am)? Can […]